Everyone Is Talking About How Great Adele Looks Post-Split


It's hard to argue against Adele being one of the best break-up singers out there. The songs on her debut album 19 and the follow-up 21 are pretty much her love life in a nutshell, and it wasn't great back then! Then she became a mom and married her long-time partner Simon Konecki and released the album 25, which was kind of a big departure for her in terms of the theme of her music. There were actually a few happy songs on the album, and as much as we missed her soulful crooning about broken hearts, we were happy she was happy! Sadly, Adele and Konecki announced their split earlier this year. Since then, the singer has kept a pretty low profile, focusing on raising her 7-year-old son Angelo and working on a new album. But even moms need a night out, right? On Wednesday, Adele made an appearance at Drake's birthday party in Los Angeles, and HOLY COW did she look amazing. Gotta love that single-ready-to-mingle transformation!

Now, we don't know the details about the split between Adele and Konecki (we anxiously await some new music from her to clue us in). But they do say that looking good is the best revenge, so if that's what she had in mind, then she nailed it. The Brit crooner stunned in a black velvet gown that showcased her slimmer physique. She also rocked her signature dramatic eyeliner and big hair at the mobster-themed bash (she was inspired by Sharon Stone's character from Casino).

Over the summer, sources say that Adele began working with a personal trainer and committed herself to exercising regularly. We all have our own reasons for making lifestyle changes, but Adele really wanted to be in the best shape she can be so she can be the best mom she can be to son Angelo. Looking absolutely stunning just happens to be a delightful side effect of making the change! We're so glad to see Adele out and about, enjoying herself after what has surely been a stressful year. And seriously, we cannot wait for her next album. No one does break-up music like Adele, and since she has some pretty heavy experiences to draw from this year, we're expected plenty of tears and YAS GIRLs.

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