Woman Caught On Camera Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap Two Children

In a bizarre turn of events, a woman allegedly attempted to kidnap two children on their way to Disney World. The family was making their way through the Atlanta airport when the parents found themselves fighting a woman off as she tried to grab their kids and run.

It is unclear exactly what the woman's intentions were, or why she would have sought to steal two children. But the security footage shows her unmistakenly trying to run off with them.

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Twenty-six-year-old Esther Daniels was caught on camera grabbing the family's stroller and attempting to push it away. The mother acted fast, fighting Daniels off. But then Daniels went for the other child, who was walking with the family. This time the father stepped in to protect his child.

Luckily, a traffic control officer witnessed this shocking encounter and ran across the airport to assist the family. When he arrived Daniels fled the scene and he chased after her.

The officer caught up to Daniels, who struggled to flee. Thankfully, the officer was able to subdue her until further help arrived. The officer's quick action prevented Daniels from continuing to try and take the children and kept in her in one place so that she could be taken in by law enforcement.

Daniels was first checked into the hospital, as her strange and erratic behavior suggested mental instability. After that, however, she was arrested and charged with the kidnapping as well as obstructing an officer.

Daniels's intentions remain unclear. It is not apparent whether she planned ahead or whether her actions were spontaneous. She is now in jail without bond and has not entered a plea.

This terrifying incident is an important reminder to always keep an eye on our children. In busy places like airports or shopping malls, do not feel like your child is too old to hold your hand. Occurrences like this one are extremely rare, but they do happen. Without becoming paranoid, keep basic safety in mind at all times.

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