Essentials For The Babymoon: 20 Things All Mamas-To-Be Should Pack

Ever heard of a babymoon? It’s one last romantic getaway before the baby is born, where couples go on vacation and just relax before they enter parenthood. Or even one that a parent might go to on their own! It’s become extremely popular, and it’s easy to see why – everyone knows that parenting is stressful, even if they’ve never actually done it. The best way to prepare is by getting in as much self-care as possible beforehand and making sure they're completely ready to enter the hard work that is raising a child.

But since babymoons aren’t that common and have only recently become popular, people might not know what to expect when taking one. This list will give all the essentials; what soon-to-be-parents absolutely need to have, what might be a really good idea, and what might make their babymoon so much better!

So enjoy this; go on that getaway and relax before the baby enters the world, making sure to have some much needed "me" time (or couple time, for some). But as relaxing as it should be, make sure to be well prepared; nothing ruins any vacation like forgetting a bunch of things that you most definitely needed.

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20 Bump-Friendly Swimwear

For the pregnant woman, this is essential. Just because you have a baby bump doesn’t mean that no one- or two-piece bathing suit will fit you. You just have to shop around! Plenty of places accommodate pregnant women in their swimwear lines, and you just need to find one that makes you feel good so that you don’t miss out on anything you might have done before you were pregnant.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up those things, it just means finding new ways to do them. In this case, it means finding other clothes that make you feel good.

19 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital for any vacation if you’re going further afield, but it’s even more vital here. You might be going somewhere where you aren’t covered by healthcare, and what if the baby was born prematurely?! Don’t stress out by thinking this is a high possibility, because it’s not – but you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

Make sure you have everything in order if anything should go missing, or if a medical emergency should happen — be insured.

18 Compression Stockings

If you’re taking a flight or going to be in a car for a long time, compression stockings are an absolute must to help your blood flow. They’re particularly important for anyone, but especially for someone who’s pregnant – the last thing you need is a blood clot.

Although they sound uncomfortable, they’re definitely not and very easy to wear for long periods at a time. They’re especially important if you’re going to be high in the sky, where the risk of clots is higher.

17 Spray Mister

Or, really – anything to help keep you cool, like a portable fan.

Overheating is never good at the best of times, let alone when pregnant. Spray misters and portable fans are an easy way to keep something in your pocket that can instantly cool you down should you overheat. Of course, if you’re going to a cold place this isn’t really an issue, but if you’re relaxing on the beach? You’re going to want one of these. Too much heat isn’t a good thing.

16 Travel Sickness Medication

“But I don’t have travel sickness!”

Even so, bodies change with pregnancy, and if you haven’t done any long-distance travel since getting pregnant – you never know what might have happened. It’s best to keep some travel sickness medication with you, just in case, or take some before you hit the road. It's better to be safe than sorry.

But of course, make sure your medication is doctor-approved! The most important thing is the health of the baby; throwing up in the car just isn’t ideal either.

15 Bug Spray

You definitely don’t want any dangerous bugs near you while you’re pregnant, so if you’re going to a place known for having them, make sure you’re taking every added precaution to keep them away. Even if the place you’re going isn’t known for having them – better safe than sorry! And even if they aren’t dangerous, it helps keep those annoying bugs away too. If you want a calm, relaxing vacation, you don’t want winged insects buzzing around your ear constantly.

14 A Great Baby Book

It’s never too late to be brushing up on your baby knowledge. The truth is, you’ll never know absolutely everything about babies when you have yours because every baby and every situation is different. But baby books can prepare you for a lot of common situations and tell you what to do in them.

So if you’re going to be relaxing by the pool and reading, reading about babies isn’t a bad idea. A lot of your experience will be “learn by doing,” sure, but it never hurts to add some information.

13 And One That's Nothing To Do With Babies

And bring another book… one that has nothing to do with babies or parenting! A crime book, a great fiction book, something that will take your mind off pregnancy completely. Because the truth is that pregnancy and parenting can be scary, and sometimes it’s okay to zone out completely and want to not think about it for a few hours. Bring something you can immerse yourself in, whether it’s an old favorite or something new entirely. You deserve to have a break now and again.

12 Comfy Sandals

When packing shoes for your babymoon, think about comfort.

Think only about comfort.

You might want to look good, imagining yourself out for a romantic dinner in a dress and high heels, but flat sandals can look just as cute. And more importantly, they’re going to be more comfortable. Pregnancy is an uncomfortable state in itself, and you don’t want to add to that no matter what the payoff is. Treat yourself to a new pair of flat sandals you feel as cute in as you would in your most uncomfortable shoes.

11 Maternity Notes

Make sure you have a copy of your maternity notes with you! It's always better to be prepared.

If the worst were to happen and there was a medical emergency, or if your baby was to be born prematurely, you aren’t going to only need insurance – you’re going to need notes to give the medical professionals there.

Sure, you could call your doctor back home if something were to happen – but what if they aren’t available? What if it happens at 3 am and they’re in bed? It’s always better to be prepared.

10 Great Skincare

Skin care is always pretty much a requirement, especially when traveling. Planes and different climates can change your skin for the worse, so it’s always better to make sure you have something with you to take care of it.

When pregnant, it’s even more of a requirement. Pregnancy makes everything go haywire, and the last thing you want to do is end up with dry skin and nothing to take care of it with. Make sure you have everything with you that you need to take care of yourself!

9 A Good Quality Camera

You’re going to want to look back on these memories. After your child is born, you’re going to want to look back on the lead-up and remember all of the memories – at least the good ones!

So make sure you invest in a camera to take away. Even a high-quality smartphone camera can be awesome – have you seen portrait mode?! Just make sure you can capture the memories because the last thing you want to do is realize on the way home that you didn’t snap any pictures.

8 Hand Sanitizer

It’s very important to try and avoid getting sick when you’re pregnant–even more so than usual–on a babymoon. Ensure that you have hand sanitizer with you, just in case you can’t find any close to where you’re at!

People can be gross, and even if they’re super clean, bacteria will still spread on handrails, on the doors of bathrooms, everywhere public! You can’t always quickly and conveniently wash your hands, so make sure you have a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you instead.

7 A Four Wheel Suitcase

A common mistake people make when traveling is that they take a two-wheel suitcase. This can be incredibly uncomfortable to move around since it can only go one way, and if you’re pregnant – this is going to be especially strenuous. Especially if you don’t have someone with you who can manage all the luggage alone!

Make sure you have four wheels on your suitcase. That way you can push it, pull it, do whatever’s required to easily move it around with you.

6 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Nothing is quite as relaxing as noise-canceling headphones, and you may need this if you just want to chill out or to fall asleep while traveling. While they’re also great for audiobooks, podcasts, and music, they’re mostly just great for putting in your ears and having to hear absolutely nothing.

If the stress of travel ends up getting too much for you at any point, these will be an absolute lifesaver and you’ll be lucky to have them with you. 

5 Prenatal Vitamins

If you’re pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins, the last thing you want to do is forget them. You have to keep your strength up, making sure that you and the baby are both in the best possible health you could be.

Things like these, maternity notes, travel insurance, etc. seem obvious, but it’s amazing what you might forget when your mind is on other stuff. Oh, and you know, dealing with the stress of becoming a parent. Don’t be the person who forgets something as essential as this!

4 A Refillable Water Bottle

You might be like, “Oh, why would I need one of those? Most places sell water.” But you might not have time to stop or you might just forget. Having one of these with you and keeping it as full as possible ensures that you stay hydrated, which is needed for any travel, let alone a babymoon. Especially if you’re going to a hot place. These are usually pretty cheap, and you could even get a flask that would keep ice cold for you.

3 Protein Bars (And Other Healthy Snacks)

It’s hard to find healthy options when eating out sometimes. You aren’t familiar with the area, and some people have allergies or certain dietary requirements that are just really hard to fulfill. When packing to go away, the most sensible thing to do is ensure that you have snacks packed that are both healthy and will keep your energy up. Protein bars are a great way to do this.

The health of you and baby can’t be stressed as important enough!

2 Something To Access The Internet On

This could just be a Smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop if you have the room to take them. But make sure you purchase data for your Smartphone if you’re going to a foreign country.

The reason for this is that you want to be able to Google anything that might crop up; like a pregnancy symptom to check and make sure it’s normal, or something you should have looked up before and forgot to (like if certain things are pregnancy-safe).

1 Anti-Nausea Wristbands

Morning sickness can be the worst in pregnancy, and it doesn’t just occur in the morning – it can strike whenever. These wristbands are a lifesaver because although they might not prevent vomiting if you’re someone who just feels ill when nothing actually comes up, they will make you feel a lot better and will prevent nausea from interfering with any babymoon activities you have planned.

Pregnancy is wonderful, but it sure can throw a wrench in the works sometimes! Be prepared to ensure it doesn’t.

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