Mom Says Essential Oils Make Her Kid ‘Brave’ And People Call BS

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We can all pretty much come to the common agreement that essential oils smell amazing. There is just nothing like throwing some lavender drops into your diffuser and letting your home turn into a relaxing oasis. But superpowers? We think we would all be running to the latest mom who announced at school drop off that she was now selling them to buy out her stock. Most of us know better, though. We say most because one mom is sharing with the internet that essential oils make her child brave and she's being called out on that BS.

It all started with a Facebook post by the Sanctimommy page that literally has all mom LOLing behind their phones this week.

Get ready for your eye rolling to commence.

A mom shared a post on Facebook of her child climbing in one of those indoor soft place spaces for kids but took note of a moment where she needed a little bit of a bravery boost to make it all the way to the top. Thanks to her handy essential oils, she was able to make it.

It all started with the little girl asking her mom for her oils because she was too scared to climb to the top, to which her mother swiftly applied something from the Brave Children's Collection (apparently there is such a thing) to her wrist that worked like magic.

But wait - there's more!

The mom finished her post by saying that, "empowering your kids is easy, if you provide them with the right tools. Doterra did good on this one!"

So you just know that the Sanctiommy Facebook page had something to say in response, along with all 673 commenters.

Less expensive, same effect: write "bravery juice" on her water bottle with a sharpie. (Sidebar: DoTerra should just sponsor this page already)

Posted by Sanctimommy on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

In their repost, they joked that the mom should have just gotten a water bottle and written "brave juice" with a sharpie marker. It would be the same outcome and much cheaper.

And the comments are gold, too, and completely worth scrolling through as moms worldwide chime in to share their hilarious feelings on the subject as well as some tips they've learned over the years as parents using everyday items (ahem, tic tacs) as placebos to help their kids do things they didn't think they could otherwise do. Parenting is so fun sometimes.

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