10 Essential Fall Clothing Items For Babies

Fall is almost upon us, and for those with babies, that means adding a few new essential items to the wardrobe. Depending on where you live, Fall can oftentimes mean unpredictable weather. And with babies, that requires layers that are easy to remove when needed and added when it’s a bit chillier.

You might have most of what you need, including socks, onesies, pants, cardigans, and more. But what else should you get?

Here are 10 must-have essential Fall clothing items for babies that will come in handy, and keep them totally fashionable.

10 Blige SMTF Cute Animal Soft Baby Socks Toy Wrist Rattles


Who needs boring socks? These adorable socks keep your baby’s feet warm, and come with wrist rattles to keep them entertained, too.

Baby will love exploring his own body and reaching for the soft animal toys at the bottom of the socks. As they do this, the wrists will rattle. It’s a great way to enjoy some play time lying on their back.

The set comes with two socks and two wrist rattles, each sporting a cute, smiling plush butterfly and caterpillar toy.

9 Simple Joys by Carter’s 3-Pack Snug Fit Footed Cotton Pajamas


During the cooler Fall months, you’ll want to keep baby’s feet warm while he sleeps. And for babies who don’t use bedsheets (it’s safest to only keep a fitted sheet in their beds), footed pajamas are a must.

This set includes three PJs in adorable patterns of different kinds; select from a combination of ones like zoo animals, a dinosaur, fire trucks, constructions, monster, dogs, and more.

Material varies depending on the size and color, but they are all machine washable. And they include a convenient zipper closure, making it easy to put the pajamas on and take them off, especially for late-night diaper changes. A snap-over tab ensures that an agile baby can’t pull the zipper down. Sizes range from 6-9 months up to 4T.

8 Simple Joys by Carter’s 6-Piece Bodysuits and Pants


This set includes all of the essentials you’d need for baby for weather that is unpredictable: both short and long sleeve bodysuits that can be worn on their own or with long pants, and two pairs of long pants.

There are two style options, one with red stripes and lettering and a navy bear on the buttocks of the pants, and another with green and gray and a rhinoceros on the butt. The latter includes a short-sleeved bodysuit that reads “little brother” making it perfect for a second boy child.

Made from various fabrics depending on the size and color, all of which are machine washable, the set comes in sizes from preemie up to 24 months. Expandable shoulders on the bodysuits make changing easy, as does the elastic waists of the pants.

7 Gerber 8-Piece Organic Cap and Mitten Set


To ensure a baby’s head and hands are kept warm during cooler evenings, this set includes four cute organic caps and four sets of mittens in different colors and patterns to match different outfits.

Made of 100% cotton and machine washable, there’s a covered elastic band that ensures a snug and comfortable fit and that baby won’t pull the cap or mittens off.

Sizes include newborn and 0-6 months, and colors include dark and light pinks, a floral pattern on white, and blue with a sleeping bunny. Two of the sets feature the words “so loved” and “loved,” enough to warm any parent’s heart as well as the baby’s body.

6 Happy Town Shark Hooded Sweatshirt


Many babies and kids are obsessed with Baby Shark and the catchy and repetitive song ("doo-doo-do-do-do-do"), so this hoodie will be a perfect complement. Available from 6-12-month sizes right up to 3-4 years, it includes a hoodie and matching pants.

The hood part of the sweater is designed like a shark so when your baby puts the hood over his head, he’ll look like the most adorable shark ever with white shark teeth around the perimeter and a soft fin on the back. Pockets on the side can be used to keep hands warm, or clip on essentials like a pacifier.

Meanwhile, the butt of the pants features a roaring shark image as well. Made using a cotton blend, you can both machine or hand wash the set.

5 The Children’s Place Denim Jacket


A jean jacket is an essential Fall season item for anyone, even adults. So one for a baby will be a perfect addition to the wardrobe.

Available in sizes starting at 6-9 months, this jacket in China blue is made from 100% cotton but designed to look like denim. Machine washable, it has button closures, though you might simply want to leave it open with a cute top or bodysuit underneath.

On the front and back is distinct stitching. Two buttoned pockets on the front by the chest area are more for show than anything else. Pop the collar up for an adorable photoshoot.

4 Hudson Baby Dress, Cardigan, and Shoes


It doesn’t get any cuter than this essential fall set that includes a bright, floral-patterned dress, white cardigan with matching pocket accent, and matching shoes.

It comes in a number of color combination options, including this delicious bright and fun lemons design and color. Made from 100% cotton, the clothes are machine washable while the shoes can be spot cleaned.

Soft on baby’s skin, the dress is tank-style which means your baby can wear it during the summer months, or on warmer days, as well. If it gets chilly, just throw on the cardigan. Sizes range from 03 months up to 9-12 months.

3 Wennikids Raincoat Windbreaker


This jacket is ideal for Spring and Fall, providing protection from both rain as well as the wind. It’s available with a number of animals and other patterns including a green frog as shown here as well as a pirate with skull and bones design, a ladybug in red and black, and white and black polka dots.

Suitable for those aged 1-6, it might fit a baby who is a bit bigger than average, and almost into toddlerhood.

Made from 35% cotton, 35% polyester, and 30% nylon, and coated with waterproof material, you can adjust the depth of the hat to fit baby’s head perfectly and ensure it keeps the rain off their face.

2 Simple Joys by Carter’s 4-Pack Pants


Now that Fall is here, it means bodysuits can’t be worn on their own – baby will have to don a pair of pants keep their legs warm, too.

This simple yet essential set includes four pairs in basic colours to match every outfit – dark blue, light blue, dark grey, and light grey. There are sets with other colour options as well, including some with patterns if you prefer.

Available in sizes from preemie up to 24 months, the fabric varies depending on size and colour, but all are machine washable.

The pants have banded and ribbed cuffs and elastic waistbands for a snug fit.

1 Burt’s Bees Baby Booties


These 100% organic cotton quilted booties are the perfect way to keep baby’s feet warm during the Fall months when they aren’t wearing footed pajamas or other clothing, and socks won’t do the trick on their own, or you want baby to be able to walk or crawl around the floor but keep his socks clean.

The breathable material will ensure that baby’s feet don’t sweat underneath, and the premium elastic and jersey wrap around the ankle ensures a secure fit, along with enamel bee snaps that add to the cool look as well.

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