Disney Is Revamping Epcot With A Brand New 'Moana'-Themed Experience

Disney plans to revamp its innovative Epcot, and we cannot wait for the new Moana-themed attraction they have in the works.

Everyone loves Disney World, and Epcot is one of the theme park's most popular attractions. Located in Bay Lake, Florida, Epcot is a magical, immersive world of imagination.

Epcot is meant to be a sort of permanent world's fair, celebrating human achievement. Above all, Epcot honors technological innovation and international culture. That means it uses the latest technology to immerse its visitors in a globally-minded experience. 

The avant-garde theme park is expanding even further in honor of its 50th anniversary. Many new additions are set to arrive on the scene, and Disney says their immersive experiences will bring storytelling to life.

The Moana attraction is one of the most anticipated, and we can only imagine what they have in mind for it.

Here is everything we do know About The Moana-Themed Park:

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The Moana-themed park area of Disney's updated Epcot will feature an exploration trail with lush foliage abound. We are guessing that it will be designed to make us feel like we are walking through the Hawaiian islands.

Plus get this: there is going to be "magical living water" that guests can play and interact with.

Basically, we get to be Moana.

We are pretty sure that both moms and their kids are going to be excited for a Hawaiin experience where you can interact with water like Moana does in the movie. And we know we can count on Epcot to make it feel totally real.

Disney has not revealed anything else yet, but stay tuned because they plan to share more details on Sunday at a D23 panel.

Another expected attraction is a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster. This ride will be built on the plot that originally held the Universe of Energy attraction. Disney will reveal more at the D23 panel and we are so all ears.

The newly revamped park is set to open in 2021, Epcot’s 50th anniversary year.

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