10 Things To Do With Your Kids Before The Summer's Gone

The summer always seems to come and go...as fleeting as our baby's first year. During these moments, they seem to go by slowly. We may feel lost as to what to do during the days, though in the blink of the eye, it's over.

Considering we (give or take) only have 18 summers with our children, we should take advantage and do what we can, when we can with them. If you've gone through your Summer To-Do List, we may actually have a few, added suggestions to add on. The summer's almost over, folks. So here are ten ideas for you and your child during the last few days of summer.


There's nothing more magical than watching the stars from your backyard. It's also more convenient than traveling to a campsite, using porte-potties and having to cover up dinner plates incase the bears sniff them out. Whether you have already taken a camp trip or not this summer, camping in the backyard is essentially great for any age. You're close to all amenities that may be needed through out the evening, so it's a low-risk and low-stress opportunity to enjoy the 'wilderness'.


Did you just gasp? Hadn't you realized you've been meaning to have a campfire and actually indulge in a roasted marshmallow? Well, now's the time! Summer's end is around the bend, and we think it's time to find a solid excuse to roast a marshmallow.

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Nothing's more nostalgic; so buy a bag and start a fire... a camp fire, of course. No matter how old your child is, they will appreciate this sweet treat. So grab the goods and get roasting!


...just bring the salt incase of leaches. Though, they're rare in many clean waters. Just ensure you bring an 'emergency leach kit' incase of the worst-case-scenerio that could occur. Now that you're induced with irrational anxiety, we welcome you to find a local lake and jump into it! Clothes optional. There's nothing like jumping into the waters of a lake. Whether it's off the dock of a friend's cottage or a local watering hole close to home, make sure you and your kiddos get a nice, refreshing soak before the summer ends.


You know the one! The one that's likely an hour's drive, and you happen to have pulled every excuse in the book to avoid it this season. But, the summer's almost done. Your kids have heard numerous, exciting stories from the kids in school and it would be really fun for the adults, too. So, pack up a good lunch. Slather on that sunscreen. Ensure you leave at prime nap time and hit the road. It's time to finally visit (and splurge on emission) that big ol' waterpark you've heard about all summer long.


Yep, a roller coast. We don't care if it's a little one at a fair before school or if you have to visit the country's top theme park. We just want you to get on that roller coast before the summer ends. Even if you have a small child, bring them along for the other fun activities and games.

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Just make sure you have someone to watch the baby while you, yes YOU, get on a roller coaster. If you child is old/tall enough to attend, hold hands and prepare for screams!


This many seem mundane. This may even sound silly to suggest, but have you gone to the beach this summer? Perhaps just once, considering a beach trip with children isn't always as relaxing as you'd hoped. Maybe you should have consider small hacks like bringing a fitted sheet, filling the corners with heavy rocks, so sand will not enter it's surface as easily to get into your snacks. Yes- you're welcome for that one. Regardless, we think you should the beach mother than you have this summer.


There's nothing like visiting a cottage on a hot, summer's day. Or, summer's weekend. Make it a long weekend! Regardless, it's kind of a summer essential to visit a cottage at least once during the summer with the kids. Not to mention: the last few days of summer when all knows the glorious, beautiful weather is coming to and end. It's a perfect time to roast those marshmallows we spoke about earlier. We don't care if you have to call your great-uncle Paul to see if his cottage is vacant this weekend.

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Or, you DM your step brother whose best friend has a place an hour away. Get to a cottage with your kiddos before you say goodbye to summer!


Not only are hikes incredible for the mind, body and soul, but they're also FREE! While in the midst of preparing for back-to-school, the last thing you need to do is splurge on a little get-away before the mass amounts of shopping begins. Whether you have a teenager or a new born, you can easily strap the baby to your back or bribe the teen with chocolate and a late-night movie when you return. Once you're out on a hike for one of your summer's last shebang, you all will be grateful you got out into the beautiful outdoors.


Whether your child is 2 or 12, a splash pad is always a great idea. Have you ever been, anticipating a boring experience, only to find you're giggling more than your small child? Well, that went for all of us! We've all been there. We've all experienced our second childhood in total glee, especially when water is involved. So pack up your stroller or car with the essentials: a change of clothes, snacks and sunscreen. Then hit the splash pad to run wild in the summer air for one last time this year!


Road trips are never over-rated. Even when they're up into cottage country only an hour out, it's always a great idea to clear your mind and enjoy the scenery while you drive. Whether you have a specific destination or not, packing up the kids for one last (or first) road trip of your summer is a great idea. We guarantee you'll make good memories whether you're enjoying the destination or the journey. Or, them both.

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