90% Of Employees Say They Go To Work Sick & No Wonder This Is The Worst Time Of Year

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As parents, especially during this time of year, we are always weary of our children coming home from school sick. We are urged by doctor's and social media to make sure that if our children are sick that we should make sure we keep them home from school. We all try out best to follow this little rule, but at some point, something goes unnoticed and then the whole class gets sick.

The same thing goes for adults, too. In fact, a new study has found that 90% of employees have reported that they still go to work whenever they're sick and this crap really needs to end because flu season is coming,

According to a recent report from Robert Half, that surveyed 2,800 workers from 28 cities across the United States 57% of employees shared that they sometimes come in to work while sick. That's more than half of employees and we wonder why sickness spread so easy at the office. In addition, 33% always come in to work while sick, meaning that as much as 90% of workers go to work while they aren't feeling well. Those number are pretty staggering.

If this doesn't show that we live in a country filled with workoholics, we don't know what does.

So then, what were all of these employees reasonings for still coming into work while sick? Most reported that they had too much work do to (54%), followed by not wanting to use a sick day (40%) and pressure from their employer (34%). Most even shared that this was common practice with them and their co-workers.

Well, that's pretty telling.

Here in the United States, there are not any  federal laws that require employers to provide paid sick leave for their employees,. Furthermore, sick leave laws vary from state to state.

Trey Barnette, regional vice president at Robert Half, speaks out about his concern on this issue saying, “People aren’t at 100% when they’re coming in sick, so it’s going to show within the work that they do,” he tells CNBC Make It. “Also, from a monetary standpoint, if you are are coming in sick and you are contagious, you can get someone else sick. That means other people are now starting to use the benefits of the company, and that could drive up benefit premiums.”

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“Employers should lead by example. If you’re sick, definitely take time off,” he says. “Companies are also starting to do more preventative things like having wellness clinics. Some of the clients that we work with will have an onsite flu clinic for people to get flu shots during flu season.

“But I think the biggest thing is for each company to look at their benefits and see what they can do to provide a more welcoming package for people taking sick leave.”

This is most definitely something that needs to be shifted in our society on a huge scale. If we are promoting having kids stay home from school when sick, we have to think about it as parents, too.

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