Someone Dyed Their Hair To Look Like A Vomiting Emoji

There have been a lot of creative hair colors and styles that have gone viral recently, from oil slick hair to squirt gun hair to even unicorn armpit hair! Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to creating inventive and cool new hair colors and styles, and inspiration can be found anywhere, which is amazing because people are using their hair to express themselves more and more. Melbourne-based hair artist, Michael O'Halloran was recently inspired by emojis to create the latest hot new hair trend that has quickly gone viral.

O'Halloran recently created a hairstyle that looks like the vomit emoji and it is truly amazing (and not at all as gross as it sounds!) and people can't get enough. The hair artist told Allure Magazine about what inspired him to use emojis to create his newest hair art. "My inspiration was from a fellow hair artist that I work with in Melbourne, @angela_skullptures," O'Halloran told the magazine. "She did emoji hair a few years ago so I've been experimenting with painting them into hair wefts and clipping them into the hair... I actually had a dream that I was rinsing someone’s hair in the basin and I saw all of these emojis in the hair when the water was running over it."

He said he first experimented on his friend Evan after deciding he wanted to give the emoji style a try. He explained that he used a stencil to create the eyes and smaller nail brushes to get the finer details just right. "We had to pre-lighten the hair for an hour to get it nice and bright for the rainbow — I used both Manic Panic classic and Professional to achieve it," he says. "Evan was very happy with the design and we've already planned the next emoji to go on his head," he adds. Fans on Instagram are loving the fun and vibrant design and O'Halloran even posted a 'how to' for those who want to ask their own hairstylists to give it a try.

If the vomit emoji isn't for you O'Halloran has also experimented with different hairstyle emojis, and the results are just as fun and creative.

While emoji hairstyles aren't for everyone it's clear that there is no limit to the art that can be created on your very own head, if you're brave enough to try!

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