Watch This Toddler Run For The First Time On Her New Prosthetic Leg

This is yet another example of if there’s a will, there’s a way. For every parent, seeing their child take his or her first steps is always a magical moment. But for this toddler to run for the first time on her new prosthetic leg is not only amazing, but pretty inspirational, too.

Little 2-year-old Juliette was born without a leg bone. That’s why for her parents, Amanda and Tim Waits, seeing her run for the very first time with a new prosthetic running blade was as emotional of a moment as it can get.

The moment was made even more special because Juliette was being encouraged to run for the first time by 45-year-old Emma Rodriguez, who was testing her running blade at the same time, too. Emma noticed that the young tot needed a confidence boost when she began to cry after she was asked to trade in her old prosthetic leg for the new sports blade.

In addition, the clip also features Juliette’s doctors and parents supporting her by running along next to her to encourage her new movements.

The new sports blade will help Juliette run, jump and dance like never before. She was born with congenital femoral deficiency and fibular hemimelia. It’s a birth defect where part or all of the fibularbone is missing, as well as associated limb length discrepancy, foot deformities, and knee deformities.

Her mother Amanda told Storytrender “This consists of a missing bone in her lower leg, a club foot, a missing toe, a shorter femur, fewer ligaments in her knee and possible future issues with her hip on the left side.”

Juliette’s family was given two options: either limb lengthening of the left leg, or amputation. Her parents decided to amputate her leg when she was just 100 months old and was fitted with her first prosthetic leg soon after.

Of course, this didn’t stop Juliette from being or acting like a normal toddler her age. She took her first steps at 14 months old, just like so many other little girls her age and now she’s running and will soon be dancing like other little girls, too. It might take a little encouragement, but what toddler doesn’t need the support of his or her parents? In other words, she’s going to continue living her normal day-to-day life, as anyone else would.

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