Eminem’s Daughter Is Now An Instagram Influencer

Eminem's daughter is all grown up and she is now an Instagram influencer. And no, she isn't name dropping her dad to gain followers; in fact, she never mentions him.

Eminem his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott welcomed their daughter Hailie Jade Scott Maters into the world on Christmas Day of 1995. Hailie's birth changed Eminem's life, which he expressed through two of his songs: Mocking Bird and Hailie's Song.

Hailie is now 23 years old and looking at her Instagram, you would have no idea that she has a famous father. In fact, it's one of the most standard Instagram accounts imaginable, complete with selfies and Starbucks shots. Hailie never refers to her celebrity father, and for the most part, her fans follow suit.

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Hailie boasts 1.6 million followers, and even though she does not use her dad's name to gain popularity, we are pretty sure that most of them know who he is.

Hailie is Eminem and Kim's middle daughter of three. She is also the only one who is biologically both Kim and Eminem's.

The couple's oldest daughter, Alaina Marie, was the daughter of Kim’s sister, Dawn. When Dawn died of a heroin overdose, Kim and Eminem adopted her in 2002. She is now twenty-six-years-old.

Kim gave birth to the youngest daughter, Whitney, during a fling with Eric Carter. Eminem later adopted Whitney.

Hailie is the middle daughter, and she is both Kim and Eminem's firstborn.

We kind of love how typical Hailie's posts are. If you did not know who she was, you could easily assume she was almost any other twenty-something sharing life's moments. In the photos she shares, she's either standing on the beach, showing off a cute outfit, or posing in some other super typical way.

Why do we love Hailie's generic posting style? We appreciate how she is paving her own way, instead of relying on her father's fame to give her a head start in the world.

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