Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Speaks For The First Time About Her Relationship With Dad

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All too often family members of the rich and famous become loose-lipped about their celebrity relatives, spilling the beans on matters that these folks would probably otherwise prefer to keep quiet. Hey, it's an easy way to try and achieve their own 15 minutes of fame. But then, on the other end of the spectrum, you have the extremely private celebs who somehow have surrounded themselves with equally quiet friends and family.

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Take, for example, Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott, who we can hardly believe is 22 years old now and a graduate of Michigan State University. It seems like just yesterday the rapper was mention his little girl's name on the track "Mockingbird" (when she was only 8 years old). But in all of these years, Hailie hasn't spoken to the press...until now.

The Detroit resident chatted with the Daily Mail in what appears to be a brief interview about her relationship with her dad and her bright future. This marks the first time she has openly discussed their father-daughter dynamic, leading many to wonder how close they really are.

"Of course, we are very close," she said.

While it appears her comments about Eminem end there, it's very telling that Hailie stands by her dad, despite a public falling out with her mother and his ex Kim Mathers. The music mogul married Kim twice before they called it quits for the final time in 2006.

In terms of her own future, Hailie appears to have zero interest in the music industry, but may want to pursue a career that utilizes her expert makeup skills (she received her degree in Psychology but it's currently unclear if she wants to pursue that as a profession).

"I’m not sure yet, it’s kind of up in the air, still," she says of her future plans. "People have been reaching out through (Instagram), as I don’t have any (management)."

Whatever she chooses, she seems to have the support of her famous dad, who even approves of her long-time boyfriend Evan McClintock, who she met as a student at MSU. They've been together for two years, with the Hailie often posting photos of their time together on Instagram.

We can't even begin to imagine what that "meet the parents" moment was like for Evan. Trying to impress your girlfriend's dad is hard enough, but when it's Eminem...that feels beyond intimidating. This guy must be the real deal to gain the rapper's approval.

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