Embroidery Tattoos Are The Next Big Thing, And They Are Incredible

Tattoos are one of those things that are either a major life decision or not that big of a deal, depending on your personality. You either agonize over what to get and where to get it for months, or you decide to get a tattoo as you're walking by a studio on your way to brunch. There's not a whole lot of middle ground here! We're pretty much type B here, although we recognize that more thought could have gone into some of our tattoos. But we love them! We really love how expressive and creative you can be with your tattoos. There's hundreds of styles to choose from, no matter which direction you want to go in.

Every once in a while, a tattoo trend comes along that we just can't ignore, and we find ourselves looking for extra space somewhere on our body to put a new tattoo. Right now, embroidery tattoos are one of the hottest trends in ink around, and after seeing some of these, we can totally see why.

Embroidery tattoos are shockingly realistic body ink that look exactly like embroidery pieces.

Now, tattoos have come a long way since we got that one we regret in high school. But these tattoos are on another level altogether. You can see every single stitch, and the use of color and shading really give these embroidery tattoos that extra something.

They're the perfect combination of modern and folk art, and both use needles to bring the art to life! We love this floral piece, and would love it as a regular piece of embroidery as well. It's got a really cool vintage vibe.

This one is GORGEOUS. The colors are so bright and vibrant, and we really love how there are no outlines on the piece. The colors used give it some amazing depth and detail.

Doesn't this look like a patch applied directly to their skin?! The added border and shading around the outside of the piece really give it that look. And we love the little errant strings around the edges, makes it so realistic.

You guys, the detail on this ... we can't even process it. That looks just like an embroidery piece on someone's arm. You can see each thread, each color. This is an absolutely exquisite tattoo, and pretty sealed the deal for us. We need an embroidery tattoo, and we need one now.

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