Elmer’s Glue Kicks Off Slime-Making Contest For Kids Of All Ages

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For those parents who think that the slime phenomenon was a craze from just last year, they might want to think again. That’s because many children of all ages are still obsessed and fascinated with the slime-making process so much so that there’s a new contest for it. In fact, new reports say that Elmer’s Glue is kicking off a slide-making contest for kids, teens and tweens from all over the country to see who can make the most innovative and creative slime recipe videos.

Up until this point, many kids and tweens have been making their own clips that are uploaded to sites such as YouTube, Vevo, and even the video sharing apps Musical.ly. Elmer has taken things one step further by encouraging kids to make a video for their chance to win several different prices.

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According to Senior Vice President of Marketing and writing for Newell Brands, Victor, Mesawa, he says that the slime trend is still going strong in the social media world. In other words, it doesn’t look like kids will be slowing down anytime soon. He says in a press release, “The Ooey Gluey Slime Games were designed to inspire people to show off their unique slime creations with our products. This is also an opportunity for kids to become famous for their slime-making skills.”

There will be three rounds of competition with six different slime-making categories. All contestants need to do is create and submit their recipes before the dates that are below.

  • Submission 1 (July 9 to July 22): Brightest Slime and Coolest Textured Slime
  • Submission 2 (August 6 to August 19): Most Unique Slime Art and Biggest Slime Bubble
  • Submission 3 (September 3 to September 16): Craziest Color-Combo Slime and Grossest Slime

Each category in the contest will have a first, second and third place winner. There will also be six first-place contestants in the running for the Slime Games Championship and crown. Some prizes will include cash, a year’s supply of Elmer’s glue, a video production kit for future YouTube videos. The winner will also have an opportunity to collaborate on a video with popular slime/DIY influencer and Elmer’s Slime Games judge Nichole Jacklyne.

For more information on how your child can enter with one of their own videos, check out Elmer’s web site. You can also check out any of Elmer’s social media accounts to stay up to date on the games.

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