This Mom Had Her Fallopian Tubes Removed, But Still Got Pregnant

When you decide you're done having kids, you'll go to great lengths to make sure the factory stays closed! There are all sorts of contraceptives on the market nowadays. Pills, patches, shots, intrauterine devices. Each prevents pregnancy to varying degrees of success (with proper use, of course). But they're temporary! When you know you're DONE done, you have to get a bit more invasive to close up shop for good.

Many women opt for tubal ligation surgery, which severs the Fallopian tubes and takes away the egg's pathway to the uterus. You can also have a procedure called a bilateral salpingectomy, which actually removes both Fallopian tubes completely. No pathway, no pregnancy, right?

Well, not exactly. As permanent and final as the procedure should be, as one mom discovered, sometimes things happen that you weren't expecting or planning for. Elizabeth Kough thought she'd put an end to her baby days when she underwent a bilateral salpingectomy, until she got pregnant a few years later. This story is wild!

About a year ago, Kough started feeling a bit off. The symptoms she was experiencing felt like pregnancy symptoms, but that didn't make sense. Three years earlier, the single mother of three underwent a bilateral salpingectomy. She wanted to prevent future pregnancies, but also lower her risk of ovarian cancer, which runs in her family.

Her Fallopian tubes were removed, and she went on with her life! She eventually entered into a new relationship. Fast forward a few years, and Kough was feeling a certain kind of way. She was beginning to get nervous, since pregnancy after the procedure (though incredibly rare) can be risky. Kough took a pregnancy test, and much to her surprise, it was positive. She was officially pregnant, despite the fact that she has no Fallopian tubes.

Somehow, the little egg that could found its way into her uterus, and after a healthy pregnancy, Kough welcomed her fourth child, a baby boy. Doctors initially thought the surgery had been botched, but her medical records and a review of the organs during her c-section confirmed that it was performed correctly.

Kough says that even though baby Benjamin was a surprise, she feels so blessed by how things worked out. "He is a beautiful baby. I am exceptionally lucky to have him in my life," she said. "I have one child leaving the house and one child coming in. It’s hard to explain. I just feel very full of joy. Very, very full. I’m very blessed to have him around. I’m shocked in a great way. I’m shocked and awed."

We can't imagine the shock of it all, but we love a good happy ending!

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