This Mom’s Unapologetic Reason For Giving Her Kids ‘Unique’ Names Has Gone Viral


Selecting a name for your child is probably one of the hardest things any new parent will ever do. Every parent is different and every name is special to those parents who put time and energy in to selecting the perfect moniker for their babe. Some may want a name that's less popular, while others choose to go with the tried and true classics.

No matter what name you choose for your child, someone will have something to say about it. It seems that parents who choose more unique names for their kids, and especially those who incorporate unique spellings, tend to get the most flack for their naming choices.

Elizabeth Broadbent and her husband Christopher were both insistent that their children wouldn't have names as common as theirs. Forever having to put an initial at the end of her first name to differentiate herself from the other Elizabeth's in her class, Broadbent was determined her kids would never have to do the same.

Broadbent explained in post for Scary Mommy why she chose to give her kids "weird" (her words, not ours) names. "I swore I would never give my kid a name that had to come with an initial or some other distinguishing characteristic," she wrote in her now viral post. She also insisted that since she and her husband are Catholic, she wanted her children to have Catholic names.

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"Catholic names come in three flavors: Peter-Paul-and-Mary-normal; out-there-but-still-sort-of-hipster; and weird AF." Broadbent was set on finding the perfect names that fell in the 'out-there-but-still-sort-of-hipster' category. The couple are parents to three sons named Blaise, Augustine and Simon. She complains that Blaise often has his name misspelled, and even commented on one time when someone thought his name was "Blade."

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She says her middle son, Augustine, tends to have his name mispronounced the most. "People say Au-gust-een instead of the proper Au-gust-in, which grates on my soul," she writes. "It’s so bad that I’ve taken to spelling it without the terminal e anywhere I can get away with it: name tags, doctor’s offices. This makes life easier for everyone. He has an easy nickname though — August — and no one f*cks that up, thank God though they sometimes ask where September and October are. Not funny, done before, STFU thanks."

Her youngest son, Simon (which is a fairly common name) is nicknamed Sunny, because "he was like a ray of sunshine" and Broadbent comments that sometimes people spell it Sonny, which is totally understandable.

Despite the spelling and pronunciation confusion about her kids names, Broadbent writes that she's happy with her choices.

"I’m happy with my kids’ names. They’re different. I’ve never met another Blaise; I’ve only seen two other Augusts, and neither was an Augustine; Simon-called-Sunny is unique. If they went to school, they wouldn’t have to put their initials after their names," she said.

Broadbent's post has gone viral probably because she's saying what so many other parents are thinking.

"Their names are awesome. Their names are beautiful. They’re unique, they’re cool, they’re all very special to us as a family. So you think my kids’ names are weird? I don’t give a f*ck."

Many have also commented that they don't think her name choices are weird at all (I actually had an uncle named Blaise, so it was a very common name for me.) Regardless, naming choices are very personal and should be respected, and if you don't have anything nice to say about someone's choice of baby name, maybe you shouldn't say anything at all.

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