This Mom Let Her Kids Fill A Pool Full Of Slime In Her Living Room

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If you have kids you are no doubt fully aware of the most recent craze of slime making that has consumed children everywhere. Regardless of their ages or genders, slime is a hit with everyone—except parents!

Kids are even developing their entrepreneurial skills by making their own slime at home and selling it to kids at school, who are happily asking their parents for a few dollars to buy their very own custom slime. While most parents fear the dreaded "slime in the carpet" incident at home, one mother fully embraced the messy craft and decided to let her kids have a pool slime party in their living room!

Yes. Slime in a pool in the living room.

Elisabeth Day, the mom behind the popular YouTube channel Mommin' It Up decided she was going to let her kids have a slime pool party in her living room. Elisabeth wrote on Today.com that it was her daughter who first came up with the idea of the slime pool party.

Mommin' It Up
Credit: YouTube / Mommin' It Up

"Like most 11-year-olds, our daughter is elbows deep in this slime craze," she wrote. "So when she asked to make a pool full of slime, the normal flood of anxiety and questions came to my mind."

Day put her anxieties behind her and she and her husband decided to let their four children live out their dream of a slime pool party. They purchased all the ingredients they would need and filled an inflatable pool in the middle of their living room. Day wrote they "used our bodies (diaper and all) to mix the slime."

Day admitted that like most parents, she is normally the mom who likes to keep order in her home, and avoids mess as much as possible. She said the process of creating such a fun experience with her kids truly taught her that messes aren't all bad.

"Messes aren't so bad. As long as you aren't teaching your children to destroy things and have no regard for them, making a mess isn't a bad thing."

While many parents would look at Day's children, fully covered in slime in the middle of their living room, on their beautiful hardwood floors and swear that it would never happen in their own house, Day insists it was a truly memorable experience.

"The amount of effort it took to clean up from this potentially horrific mess was worth every giggle, every smile, every "I can't believe this is happening.""

Day may have a point. If the effort of clean up was made worthwhile by her children having a truly memorable experience with mom and dad, isn't it worth it? As long as nothing is permanently damaged, it definitely looks like good, messy fun.

"These are the moments they will remember," Day said. "These are the moments they will look back on and say, 'How cool.'"

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