Your Elf-On-The-Shelf Can Now Have A Tiny Elf Family To Roam About Your Home For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and once all the guest and family leave, another little one is soon to show up. That is the Elf on the Shelf, the magical elf parents can place on the shelf that ‘watches’ their children. He reports back to Santa every night and is a great way to make sure our children behave during the Christmas season. He moves spots every night, and children love to wake up and search for him.

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Parents either love or hate him, and now they have even more reasons to. You can now purchase little babies for your Elf on a Shelf. That’s right, your elf can now be a mother, a father, or you can buy another one and have your own little elf family.

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One of the reasons parents hate the Christmas elf, is that they have to rack their brain every night trying to figure out a new way to place this thing. They don’t want the magic of the elf to be broken. Unless you fake an accident and the elf gets injured and can’t move for a while, it is a nightly ritual. Adding babies to the mix may make this a bit easier. There are a lot of new and exciting poses that you can do with your elf family.

It is not just the dolls that are available. There is little mini-elf clothing, and accessories. Mom and dad can buy them little cradles and highchairs, opening up even more opportunities for mischief every night. The only concern that may happen, is it may cause children to start asking where the elf babies come from. This means that parents need to be prepared to tackle these tough questions when they come up.

Just make sure you have enough names for these little baby elves. Some may see this as a company capitalizing on a money-making idea, but some see it as cute and even more festive. Maybe mom and dad could just hide a baby every night and then the kids have to find the babies and not the actual elf, there are tons of ideas out there and the world is your oyster.

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