​Eldest Siblings Are The Worst Drivers, Research Finds

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If you have lived your life as a younger sibling then you know what it's like living in their shadow and all the not so fun comparisons that seem to be part of the dig. And then there the fact that they can be oh so annoying. A new study just might give all siblings of the world a little ammunition when up against their "perfect" older siblings because it reveals that they are actually the worst drivers. And you know it has to be true because research says.

Teenage years have undoubtedly brought on moments of younger siblings getting to be the back seat driver as their older sibling got their driving lessons from their parents. Maybe this is why research is showing that younger siblings are the superior drivers of the family - it's all those extra lessons even before we officially had our permits in our hands. Either way, it's going to be awfully fun to throw these facts in their faces.

The study in question was published by Privilege Car Insurance and looked at 1,395 drivers' habits. Their conclusion was that 89 percent of older siblings are more likely to speed, with 35 percent receiving fines as a result. Hmmm.

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But it doesn't end there.

In addition to older siblings apparently being speed demons, they also concluded that 46 percent were more likely to drive in the middle of the road rather than sticking to the left like they're supposed to, while 47 percent have the tendency to cut off other drivers. So it seems like older siblings are also rebels, too. 

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They are also more likely (30 percent more likely) to break the law by using their phones while driving and 17 percent were found to apply makeup while driving. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to us. 

And of course, because older siblings are doing all of these things behind the wheel, 22 percent have ended up in minor accidents, while 15 percent found themselves in serious ones.

Of course, this is reassuring that there are some upsides to being a younger sibling after years and years of being picked on. Now, to tackle that theory of first siblings being more popular with their parents and we'll be good to go.

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