Has Elastigirl Been Doing Most Of The Parenting?

Incredibles 2 Elastigirl

If you haven't seen Incredibles 2 yet, you must get yourself and your kids to the theater, stat! It's a fantastic follow-up to the first movie, and in a lot of ways, this sequel surpasses the original. It's funny, smart, and has a great message (so pretty much your standard Disney Pixar movie). But one thing stuck out to us while watching the movie, and we're wondering if some of you saw it, too. Matriarch of the Parr family, Helen Parr aka Elastigirl, has been doing the most!

In the sequel, she takes the lead in the family's superhero escapades, which leaves Bob, aka Mr. Incredible, feeling a little ... left out. But come on! Helen is wife, mother, and let's be honest, the most level-headed member of the Parr family.

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It's no wonder DEVTECH wants her out front! But when Bob gets left holding the bag at home, he comes to realize just how much Helen does as mom to Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. The movie touches on so many aspects of parenting and traditional gender roles in the home.

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We don't want to give away too much of the plot. But when the Incredibles find themselves in trouble for inadvertently helping an evil empire destroy Metroville, DEVTECH saves them from jail and relocates the family. The Parrs are left to rebuild their lives in a totally normal way, until they're approached by the agency to help brings superheroes back. Helen is tapped as the lead, causing some major strife between her and Bob.

Bob doesn't like the idea, and for the first part of the movie, is sort of a jerk about not supporting the choice. Helen, for her part, becomes a bit of a reluctant hero, since she sees herself foremost as a wife and mother. The couple switches roles, and both come to appreciate how much the other does. Bob begins to truly understand how the work Helen has put into their home and family. And Helen finally trusts Bob to be an attentive, responsible father (obviously, some hi-jinks ensue on this journey!).

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But watching Bob try to hold down the fort really shows us how much a superhero Helen really is! She's clearly the backbone of the family, and her dedication to her kiddos is heartwarming. Who else can contain the force that is Jack-Jack?! Incredibles 2 just proves, once again, that not all heroes wear capes.

Whether she's Helen or Elastigirl, Mrs. Parr is a superhero all the time.

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