Eggo Cereal Is Coming Back After a Seven-Year Hiatus

Get your bowls and spoons ready. Because one of our favorite early 00s cereals is coming back. That's right, get your milk out, Eggo is bringing back their waffle cereal. Our dreams are coming true! Thanks to a Twitter campaign over the summer, the cereal is coming back to Walmart. And after a limited run exclusively at Walmart, it'll be available more widely. Can you feel your mouth watering over the sugary goodness already? Us too.

For now, the cereal will be available in two flavors: Maple flavored Homestyle and Blueberry. When they had their initial run from 2006 to 2012, the flavors were Maple Syrup and Cinnamon Toast. So they're switching it up a bit, but you of course have to have maple. Nothing says waffles like maple syrup. Blueberry waffles are also quite popular, so the cereal will without a doubt, fly off shelves.

But what made Eggo decide to bring back the waffle cereal after seven years? A couple things, as it seems. Back in August, the frozen waffle giants tweeted, “If this gets 10,000 retweets we’ll bring back Eggo cereal. #NationalWaffleDay.” Thankfully there are a lot of Eggo waffle cereal fans on social media. Because the tweet got 10.6k retweets, and Eggo had no choice but to keep their promise to their fans.

It's no secret that nowadays, many adults crave the nostalgia of their childhoods. Foods, especially the really sugary cereals of the late 90s/early 00s are a huge part of that nostalgia. Many of us probably remember the commercials that accompanied the cereal as well. Featuring their mascot Eggo Man, the commercials alone had us wanting the cereal. For example, the one where Eggo Man being pushed into a bowl and turning into cereal? Iconic.

But the nostalgia for our childhood favorites isn't the only thing. Since the show Stranger Things premiered on Netflix, Eggo waffles have seen a resurgence. The character Eleven is totally obsessed with them. Can't say that we blame her. This has lead to a serious surge in popularity for the brand. So it's not surprising that they'd capitalize on it like this.

gif of Eleven from Stranger Things with Eggo waffles
Credit: Giphy/Netflix

Eggo cereal will be available exclusively in Walmart beginning on Sunday, November 24th. After a few weeks it will be available through other retailers nationwide. Each box will retail for $3.64. As far as we know, the run isn't limited, meaning Eggo waffle cereal will be available indefinitely.

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