Airline Launches On-Board Library For Kids

Anyone that's ever flown with a child knows how difficult it can be. Kids can be hard to entertain at the best of times, let alone when they're confined to their seats for hours on end. While we're sure to pack a whole host of activities, it can be impossible to entertain them. easyJet has leaped to the rescue of parents everywhere, launching Flybaries. According to Metro, the low-cost airline has created an onboard lending library, providing their pint-sized passengers with over 60,000 books across 300 flights.

Instead of finding just safety information in the seat pockets, passengers can discover a host of great kids literature. HarperCollins have provided a plethora of stories, including Dinosaur Juniors by Rob Biddulph, Mog and Bunny by Judith Kerr, Paddington Abroad by Michael Bond, The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked by David Baddiel, and Geek Girl by Holly Smale. Even if you've packed your own books for your little one, there's no denying that they're always more interested in things that don't belong to them. Parents are asked to read the books before returning them to the pockets for other passengers to read on their next flight. That way, everyone gets a chance to enjoy them from 10,000 feet in the air.

Director of Cabin Crew Tina Milton says that it's all about encouraging families to spend quality time together from the minute they step onto the plane. What better way to use those hours together than by using your imagination? Books can be a great way to distract nervous fliers, too. Flybaries isn't limited to the inflight experience, either. The scheme also involves some entertainment in the terminal over the summer break for kids. Storytime and other activities from the good people at HarperCollins are there to give passengers the opportunity to get reading while they wait for the boarding sign.

The airline is hopeful that both children and parents will rediscover a love of books while flying with them this summer. After all, family vacations are all about bonding and learning, so why not make a start on take-off instead of waiting for landing?

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