10 Easy Vegan Recipes For Kids

The vegan movement has been on the rise in the last few years with more and more people ditching meat for a plant-based lifestyle. But many times when you are looking online for a vegan recipe you will see that it requires a very unique ingredient that you cannot find at any supermarket. And because of this many people can be afraid to even try cooking any vegan meal. But there are thousands of easy vegan meals that you can make for your kids that require ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry. So keep reading to discover ten easy recipes your kids are going to love!

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10 Popcorn Tofu Nuggets

Most kids growing up live off of chicken nuggets since that is the only thing they will eat. If you are trying to find a better substitute for chicken nuggets for your child then you need to make OneGreenPlanet.org popcorn tofu nuggets. The batter used for the popcorn nuggets add the flavoring you need to have your little one think they are eating chicken. So if you were wanting to transition your family to a vegan lifestyle because you were afraid they won't eat anything, give this recipe a try and you will be shocked by the response to it.

9 Tofu Scramble

Eggs are one of the most go-to items when it comes to making breakfast for kids, but if you are trying to have a vegan lifestyle for you and your kids then you can't make an omelet or egg scrambles anymore. But this recipe is perfect HappyHerivore.com if you want to make a classic breakfast meal. Tofu is perfect when it comes to making an “egg” dish since tofu can be mashed to get that scramble texture you love. With the spices of turmeric and nutritional yeast it honestly does taste just like eggs. Just make sure when you make this dish to use extra-firm tofu or else it will turn out soggy.

8 Baked Vegan Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese is an iconic American dish that every kid loves to eat. When you are looking for a vegan meal you might be surprised that there are actually several mac and cheese recipes that you can make for your kids that are 100% vegan. LovingItVegan.com has created the best baked vegan mac and cheese out there.

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This mac and cheese is so creamy and looks like you used real dairy cheese your kids will not even know it is vegan. Make this classic comfort food dish for your kids next time you want to make a vegan meal.

7 Veggie Vegan Pizza

Pizza night is always a huge favorite in anyone's house. But buying pizza from a pizza place can get experience after a while. Instead, make your own pizza with this veggie vegan pizza from VeganRicha.com. With the flavorful veggies, this meal will sure to be a favorite for you and your kids. This pizza is easy to make and has a simple crust recipe that will only take twenty minutes to make. Enjoy eating pizza and not working about all of the grease that comes with ordering out when you make this recipe.

6 15 Minute Lo Mein

Chinese food is always a great go-to idea if you are looking for a meal that your kids are going to love. PinchOfYum.com has made a 15-minute lo mein recipe that you can throw together after a long day of work so you can still make a home-cooked meal for your kids. And you know this recipe is quick since it says right in its name is name in 15 minutes.

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Don’t call out for take out when you can make a healthy meal at home and make this 15-minute lo mein meal for your kids!

5 Crunchy Falafel Recipe

Kids are known for loving it eat with their hands and that is why many parents love to make sandwiches since they are easy to throw together and their kids can use their hands to eat it. SuperHealthyKids.com has created a crunchy falafel recipe that you can make in a sandwich with pita bread. These “sandwiches” are great since the crunch of the falafel will make your fillet feel like they are eating a crispy chicken patty instead of chickpeas. Make sure to add this classic dish to your dinner rotation.

4 Vegan Fajitas

A tasty recipe your little ones are going to love is vegan fajitas from LivingItVegan.com. This meal is perfect if you are concerned about getting enjoy protein in with your meals since it does not just contain veggies, but is also stars black beans in the main dish. The seasoning that is added to the veggies will make your kids just want to eat them as they are and not even add it to a tortilla!

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And this recipe has an easy vegan sour cream that you can make to really enjoy your fajitas. Enjoy a Mexican dish with your kids and make some vegan fajitas

3 Chickpea Noodle Soup

As the colder weather appears you are going to need some soup recipes that you and your little ones can eat to stay warm. In this recipe from the HappyHerivore.com, they take the classic chicken noodle soup and make it vegan as a chickpea noodle soup instead. This recipe will be requested from your kids when they are not feeling well or on a cold night. With the recipe replacing chicken with chickpea you and your family will still get a good amount of protein in this meal!

2 Pasta Primavera

Everyone loves pasta and if you are trying to make a vegan pasta dish don’t just do noodles and sauce. This pasta primavera recipe from ConnoisseurusVeg.com is creaming and delicious. Though your kids might be surprised at first so see veggies in their pasta, the flavors it releases to create a sauce will make them go back for seconds. And the best part is you will be happy to see your kids enjoying their veggies instead of picking around them. So for your next pasta night use this recipe instead of just making pasta with marinara sauce.

1 Smoky Vegan Carrot Dogs

When you hear the word “carrot dogs” you might be skeptical about how good it is going to taste. But BrandNewVegan.com has mastered the perfect carrot dog recipe with their smoky vegan dog that will fool any meat eater. Their recipe is easy to make since all you have to do is to marinate the carrots all day before cooking it. This carrot dog has a meaty flavor and has the same texture as a store-bought hotdog. We do recommend you not telling your kids they are carrots though and just let them enjoy thinking they are eating a regular hotdog.

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