10 Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

It's that magical time of year again! The snow is falling, Christmas music is playing, and kids are counting down the days until Santa comes to town. This is a great time to spend with the kids on fun activities such as arts and crafts! Here we have 10 Christmas craft projects for all different ages. Make some cute decorations for around the house, to hang on the tree, or even to give as gifts. They're perfect for anyone your child wants to give a little special something to, and nothing beats the memories made while having fun together with these crafts. Everything you need for these crafts can be found at your local craft store, dollar store, or even your own kitchen!

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10. Dough Art

Also known as Salt Dough, this dough is made by mixing together 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of all purpose flour and one cup of water. To make different colored dough, separate out different amounts and add any food coloring. When all the dough is mixed the world becomes your wonderland! Mold it to create figures, use cookie cutters to make shapes, or even make keepsakes from hand or footprints. Once finished creating, put them in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 - 2.5 hours. They will then need to cool for at least 4 hours before you can begin to paint on any added decoration. Seal your project using mod podge and store in a cool, dry place. Looking for inspiration, check out others creations on Pinterest.

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9. Block Elves

These cute little guys make for great ornaments and mantle decorations. For this craft, you need a square wooden block, a sphere wooden block with a bit of a flat bottom, two colors of felt, pom poms or bells, and colored markers. Melissa and Doug have a line of wooden alphabet blocks that can be found in stores such as Indigo. From one color of felt, cut out a long strip for the arms and a rectangle shape split down the middle 3/4 of the way for the legs. The size cut out will depend on the size of the square block being used. Using regular white glue, paste the arms to the top of the block and the legs to the bottom. From the second color of felt, cut out a circle to act as the elf's collar. It can either be a plain circle or cut with a squiggle border for added decoration. This will be glued on top of the arms. Before gluing the head of the elf on top of the collar, use markers to draw a face. Using the same colored felt as the collar, cut out a triangle to make the elf's hat. Curl and glue the base of the triangle around the elf's head, then glue the open sides of the triangle together. The hat can either be left standing straight up, or it can be bent over to one side. Glue the pom-poms to the tips of the feet and hands to represent shoes and gloves. With the bell, glue it to the tip of the hat. To make an ornament for the tree, glue a loop of string or ribbon to the back of the elf's head. Make a full mantle decoration be spelling out the kid's name, the family name or a Christmas greeting.

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8. Beaded Wreath and Candy Cane

These precious little ornaments really twinkle with the lights on the tree. All that's needed is pipe cleaners and beads in the colors green, red and white. Try using specially shaped beads, such as the tri-shaped beads, snowflake beads or other types of beads for a more ornamental effect. For the wreath, string on the green beads with red beads spread out to look like berries. Shape this into a circle and twist the ends together to close.  You could add a bow to cover the twisted end and a ribbon to the top to be used to hang on the tree. For the candy cane, string on white beads and red beads in any pattern you want. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner so that the beads won't fall off, then shape one end to look like a candy cane. Tie a ribbon in the middle of the crook of the cane so it can be hung on the tree. Get creative, use different colored beads for a different look!

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7. Hot Chocolate Card

Everyone loves to get a card at Christmas, so why not jazz it up by turning it into a fun gift? These cards can be made out of either card paper, or stiff construction paper. From the paper, cut out the shape of a mug, which is basically a rectangle with a semi-circle as the handle. Make sure the mug shape is big enough that why the pouch of hot chocolate is laid down on it, there is still about 1cm of space around all the edges. Trace your cut out so that you can make a second cut out that is the same size as the first. From this second cut out, cut a bit off the top so that the hot chocolate packet will show out the top. Glue both mug cut outs together along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. Now decorate the mug! Use stickers, markers, anything you want. Once all the decoration is done, slip the hot chocolate inside and voila!

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6. Window Catchers

All you need for this fun and easy project is white glue, food coloring, cookie cutters, and wax paper. In small bowls, mix together the glue with food coloring to get the colors that you want to use. Place the wax paper on a flat surface, like a baking sheet, and place your cookie cutters on the wax paper. Fill in the whole base of the cookie cutter with the colored glue. Once the glue dries, check that there are no holes before removing the cookie cutter. If there are spaces missing glue, just add in more and let it dry. When everything is all dry, carefully peel the design off the wax paper. Another option is what this blogger did by tracing a Christmas design with glue.

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5. Door Hangers

This craft is fun for any age. Using felt, cut out a basic rectangular door hanger shape with a hole close to the top so that the doorknob can go through. Then your child can add any embellishment that they want! There's glitter, pom poms, bells, paint, felt shapes, foam shapes, the sky's the limit! If bells are added somewhere on the hanger, then anytime someone opens or closes the door a fun little jingle will ring out with Christmas cheer.

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4. Postcards

Getting ready to send out your season's greetings? Why not do it with a homemade postcard! The standard sizes for postcards are 4"x6" and 5"x7". Pre-cut blank postcards can be found to use, or they can simply be cut out of a larger size of card paper. Using markers, paints, crayons or colored pencils, you and your child can decorate the front with their favorite Christmas scene. Add your message to the back and send away. People will smile when they see the postcard made just for them.

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3. Yarn Snowman

Want a snowman indoors that won't melt? Just do what this DIY'er did! By using balloons, yarn and glue you can do just that. Blow up three balloons into three different sizes. In a bowl, squeeze out a bottle of white glue and put in a ball of white yarn so that the yarn can soak up some glue. Wrap the yarn around each of the separate balloons, covering them so that only a bit of the balloon can be seen. Set them aside to dry. Once dry, carefully pop and remove the balloons, then stack the new yarn balls to create the snowman shape, gluing them together. Buttons can be glued on to create the face, while a hat can be made out of felt or construction paper. Pipecleaners twisted together can be used for the arms, or twigs that can be found lying outside. For an extra bit of twinkle, add some lights or glitter.

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2. Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Kids can use their imagination and popsicle sticks to create some fun tree ornaments. By painting four stick white, they can then be glued together to make a snowflake. Adding glitter or sequins will really make them sparkle. Three popsicle sticks glued into a triangle and painted green makes a tree. Use construction paper, stickers or paint to make a star and ornaments. If the triangle is painted red, add cotton balls or pom poms to the bottom and one on the top to make Santa's hat. A simple string loop glued to the back allows these stick creations to hang off the tree.

1. Rock Snowmen

This activity combines outdoor adventure with arts and crafts. The next time you're out for a walk, find three rocks that can go together to form a snowman. If there are no rocks lying around, they can also be purchased. Using a hot glue gun, glue the rocks together. Paint the rocks white to start, then paint on a face and buttons.  For added decoration, paint on arms, or pipe cleaners can be glued on to create arms. Hats can be made from felt, construction paper, even yarn. This crafter used modeling clay to make their decorations. These snowmen make for a great wintry mantle decoration or add someone's name to the bottom and use them as placeholders for Christmas dinner.

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