10 Easy To Play Baby Shower Games

Love them or hate them, baby showers aren’t going anywhere. However, traditions are changing. More and more showers are becoming fun, mixed-gender events. The days of mandatory pastel color schemes and Jordan almonds are over but one tradition that is still really popular is shower games. If you’re planning a shower for yourself or a loved one, picking the right games is a make or break task. We’ve got your back with this list of fun and easy games that will fit perfectly into any style shower. Whether you’re throwing a backyard baby-que or a more traditional get together your guests will have a great time competing in these games.

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10 Bottle To Bottle

This game requires minimal supplies and won’t take your guests long to play. To set up you’ll need two baby bottles for each player, sprinkles in a color that fits your theme and double-sided tape. Long, skinny baby bottles work best for this game. Remove the nipples from the rings at the top and set them aside, we’ll come back for those in another game.

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Fill one bottle 2/3rds of the way with sprinkles. Put a piece of tape over the opening of the bottle with a medium sized hole in it. Now place a second bottle on top of the first, opening to opening and tape the two together. Players must shake the bottle to get their sprinkles from one bottle to another. The first one to empty their sprinkles into the second bottle wins.

9 Celebrity Babies

Does your crowd love to keep up with celebrity mom gossip? Maybe you just like to ooh and aww over their cute babies or speculate about their interesting names? If so, this game will be a crowd pleaser. To set up for you’ll need to print out separate photos of celebrity moms and their babies. Place all the photos face down on a table.

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To play cooperatively have your guests flip the photos over and successfully match each baby with its famous mama within a time limit. Most shower games pit guests against each other so playing cooperatively can be really fun.

8 Blind Blocking

At the end of this game, the expecting mama ends up with a sweet gift for her new arrival. You’ll need a set of wooden block and at least two blindfolds. Players will compete against each other so decide ahead of time how many players will compete simultaneously. Seat your players at a table with room to build. Divide the blocks between players evenly and ask them to don their blindfolds. Set a timer and challenge your players to build the tallest stack of blocks possible before time runs out. 30 seconds works well for this game.

7 Baby Shark

This sweet game puts a tasty twist on the viral hit that has taken motherhood by storm. This is a game played in pairs. To set up you’ll need plastic cups with the same number of gummy sharks for each player. Pair players off and have them stand across the room from each other. Players then take turns tossing sharks to their partners who must catch them in their mouths. Once a player has caught a shark they switch roles and toss sharks from their cup to their partner. Play until all of the candy is on the floor or in the players’ mouths. The pair that catches the most sharks wins.

6 Wipe Out

For this game, you’ll need one package of wipes for each player. You’ll also want to be prepared with enough airtight storage to hold all of the wipes used after the game ends. We don’t want them to go to waste. 

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Line your players up in front of a table or counter with their own package of open wipes in front of them. Instruct your players to hold one hand behind their backs. At the word “Go!” each player will try to pull as many wipes out of their package as they can while only using one hand. You can play until someone empties their container or set a timer. Make sure you store the wipes in an airtight container for mom to use later.

5 Nipple Toss

Tember those nipples we set aside? Here’s where they come into play. You’ll need one chopstick for each set of players as well as the bottle nipples. Divide players up into pairs and give each team the same number of nipples. Pairs stand across the room from each other. Set a timer and get ready to laugh. One player holds the chopstick, the other tosses nipples to their partner. If the catching partner is able to catch a nipple on the stick they put it in their caught pile. If it falls to the floor it’s returned to the tossing partner and thrown again. Play until your timer runs out. The team with the biggest caught pile wins.

4 Bath Pong

This game is particularly popular at casual get-togethers with a crowd that likes to party. Anyone can enjoy it but those with the developed skill will appreciate it even more. You’ll need to set up a baby bathtub on one end of a table. Provide your players with ping pong balls. Players stand at the opposite end of the table and toss their balls. They must bounce each one off of the table once and land it in the water to score a point The player with the most points wins the game.

3 Towel Race

If you have a large space with hard flooring available this game is a lot of fun. Decide how many players will compete simultaneously before the shower. Prepare a hooded bath towel for each racer. Using baby items like boxes of diapers, toys, strollers, and stuffed animals design an obstacle course for your players. Each player will sit on their towel at the starting line. They must then follow the course you’ve laid out while avoiding all of the obstacles you’ve set up. This game works best if you outline the “track” with painter’s tape so players know exactly where they’re supposed to be. The racer with the fastest time wins.

2 Baby-Sitters Club

This game requires supplies that you probably already have on hand for the shower. You’ll need several inflated balloons and a hard chair for each player. Before the game write the letters in the word “baby” on pieces of paper. Hide all 4 letters in separate balloons. Blow up at least 4 decoy balloons for each one that holds a letter. Your players will each get their own chair. Have players scramble to grab a balloon from the pile, sit on it to pop it and search for the letters. The player who finds the most letters when the last balloon has been popped wins.

1 Diaper Derby

You’ll need to choose an item roughly the size of a baby for this game. Some examples that work well are a football, butternut squash, or melon. Get creative and choose something that fits the theme of your shower. Just make sure it’s smooth. You’ll also need a diaper for each player and a bottle of baby oil. Oil up your “baby” and place it on a table. Each player will get a chance to try to successfully diaper your slippery baby. The fastest and most complete diapering wins. This game is really simple but watching your friends and family chase a greased squash around a table is great fun!

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