Dylan Dreyer Expecting Second Child After Miscarriage

It's baby boy number two for Today Show meteorologist and third-hour co-host Dylan Dreyer! The mother of two-year-old Calvin with husband Brian Fichera not only revealed the news she was pregnant on this morning's show, but that she's expecting another boy.

"This is the best secret we could have possibly been keeping," Dreyer told PEOPLE of her pregnancy. Dreyer has been open with viewers about her struggle with secondary infertility and pregnancy loss in the past. This past April she shared with viewers that she had suffered a miscarriage over the winter, and she had been ready to begin IVF treatments when she received a phone call telling her she was pregnant.

"The day I was going to start my IVF ... the doctor called and said, 'Don't take anything, you're pregnant," she said during her pregnancy reveal on TODAY. "I'm just so happy now, I've been keeping this secret so long."

During the show's roundtable, Dreyer shared a video of her son Calvin holding up a picture of her sonogram, announcing to her co-hosts and the viewing audience that she was pregnant. Calvin then entered the studio a short while later driving a mini blue Jeep with blue balloons tied to the back revealing that there would be another boy joining the family.

Dreyer told PEOPLE that she's grateful to her fertility doctor, Dr. David Reichman of the Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine for all he did to help make her dreams of becoming pregnant a reality. "I do thank God for [for him] because I know the surgery he did, to clear out all the scarring from my previous [cesarean] section, made a huge difference," she said. "But I also think my prayers were answered."

She revealed previously that she was suffering from secondary infertility, which is when a woman who has already had at least one child struggles to have another. “I didn’t know secondary infertility was a thing!” Dylan told TODAY Parents in April. After being referred to a specialist Dreyer found out she had a low egg count as well as an unusual amount of scar tissue from her previous cesarean section with son Calvin.

The meteorologist penned an essay for TODAY in April about her experience with secondary infertility and pregnancy loss and told PEOPLE that she was happy she did because of all the positivity she received from it. "By putting my story out there, I feel like the thousands of prayers and good wishes we received really made a difference," she says. "I knew it was in God’s hands, and this is certainly an answered prayer."

Dreyer revealed that she is expecting her son in January.

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