These Pocket-Sized Diaper-Changing Kits Will Make Outings With Baby Much Easier


As annoying as potty training can be, it's all worth it in the end, right? No more buying diapers, dealing with blow-outs, and struggling to find a changing table while you're out and about. And once you ditch the diapers, you can downsize your diaper bag in a major way! You don't need to haul around diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and all that nonsense.

But even if you're not quite to the potty training stage yet, that doesn't mean you have to carry around a small piece of luggage to meet your diapered baby's needs. All you need is this handy-dandy diaper changing kit from Dwyper, which is so small it'll fit in your back pocket! We love when a life-changing baby product hits the market.

Dwypers are seriously genius.

Each pocket pack contains a disposable changing pad, a diaper, five wipes, and a distraction card to keep your little one happy while you get them cleaned up and into a fresh diaper. See?! Genius! No more digging through your diaper bag for a diaper and some wipes while trying to keep your kid from rolling off the changing table.

Or worse, when you go to get a clean diaper and realize you forgot to restock your diaper bag stash before you left the house! Now, with Dwypers, you don't have to deal with all of that. Just keep a couple in your purse and car, and you'll always have a diaper change in a conveniently-sized package!

diaper changing kit
Image: Dwyper

You can buy Dwypers direct from the website, and honestly, they're super affordable. A 5-pack sells for $15, so that's just $3 a pack! $3 for a diaper, a changing pad, five wipes, and something to entertain your kid. It's highway robbery, to be honest. There's also a 10-pack for $30, or you can subscribe to their Growth Subscription Plan for just $10 a month! A subscription gets you one 5-pack of Dwypers a month, so you're looking at a savings of $5.

It's a seriously brilliant product, and these would make an awesome baby shower or welcome baby gift! The best gifts are the ones parents are actually going to use, and every parent everywhere would absolutely use Dwypers.

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