Duggar Grandkids' Have A Really Non-Traditional Nickname For Michelle

While many women look forward to their children growing older and eventually giving them grandchildren, some aren't so thrilled with the idea of being called grandma. Whether it's grandma or nanny or granny, the traditional names given to grandmothers are often frowned upon because many women claim they make them feel old! While Michelle Duggar is as traditional and religious as they come, it seems even she has a unique and somewhat hip name that her grandkids call her that is far from traditional.

Joining other celebrity grandmothers like Kris Jenner, whose ten grandkids refer to her as "Lovey," it seems that Duggar also has a sweet nickname her grandchildren call her.  Jenner revealed her nickname back in 2013 in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine saying, “At first I was Grandma and all of a sudden I didn't like the way that sounded. My mom had a friend called Lovey and I thought that was the cutest name,” she admitted.

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Now Jenner is Lovey to her grandchildren which is really quite beautiful. Although many would be hard-pressed to find any similarities between Duggar and Jenner, they do seem to have unique nicknames in common, something Duggar daughter-in-law Anna revealed in a recent Instagram post.

Anna recently posted a picture of the Duggar matriarch in celebration of her 53rd birthday and revealed that the family has taken to calling her Lolli! "One of my favorite days of the year is celebrating Mom/Grandma Michelle’s Birthday! I’m so thankful for the best and sweetest “mother-in-love” in the world! Lolli (as we all are calling her these days) is such a sweet and loyal friend, I could go on and say 1,000 things and it would only be the beginning...Lolli we love you so much!" Anna wrote.

Although fans chimed in asking how the name came to be, there's been no "official" explanation, but from the caption, it seems that it's a new development. Anna also didn't mention if Lolli is a name that many in the family are using or if it's just something her family has chosen, but it's still something fun and unique. Perhaps one of her younger children had trouble saying "Michelle" or grandma and Lolli was just easier?

It's cute to have different names instead of the traditional 'grandma' or any other similar version, it's just a bit surprising to see the Duggars do something outside of traditional norms!

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