These Dad Sneaker Wedges Are The Ultimate Ugly-Chic Look

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The world at large is a confusing place, but zero in on the fashion landscape and it can be downright mind-boggling. What's old is new again, and in some cases just as hideous as the first time we wore it. But for some reason, we keep coming back to familiar styles made more outrageous with each passing evolution.

Just take a look at the dad sneaker. Yes, the dad sneaker. It's an actual thing in 2018. It's the chunky sneaker that is anything but refined, yet has somehow found its way to the feet of today's fashionistas like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Fashion-forward women are ditching their heels at work in favor of the dad sneaker, pairing them with everything from pencil skirts to trousers.

Not content with the ubiquitous dad sneaker, DSquared2 decided to up the ante with a dad sneaker wedge. And, boy, is it something to behold. While the kicks that inspired the look are actually incredibly comfy, the wedge version looks like something that would hurt our feet within minutes. And definitely not a look we can see ourselves wearing to, say, the park.

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DSquared2's version are called the Giant Heels, and debuted during Milan Men's Fashion Week, according to Bustle. They're bright, they're bold, and, holy cow, do they have some height. The line's Instagram account describes them as fluorescent trimmed sandals but, really, they're just being modest.

The wedges are a riff on The Giant, which DSquared2 says are "oversized sneakers with a raised back tab and elongated tongue in multiple fabrics." Essentially if you're looking for comfort while making a statement you go with The Giant. If you have something more to prove in the daring fashion department, you go Giant Heels.

We're not entirely sure we have what it takes to rock the wedge, but if we're in a colorful mood, The Giant is something one could likely warm up to. And they do look cushion-y, don't they?

With dad sneakers making this kind of a comeback, we have to wonder what will have a revival next. Here's hoping it's something with a lot of arch support and maybe comes equipped with gel inserts. Hey, it's hard to fill the shoes of a busy mom.

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