Study Says Drinking Wine Right Before Bed Can Help You Lose Weight

We know that there has been a bit of a stigma around wine culture and moms, and rightfully so. We're dealing with crazy little people on a daily basis and while some days are joyous, others can be overwhelming and it's nice to relax at the end of those days with a crisp glass of wine. According to a new study, we all just might have a brand new excuse for pouring that second glass because it says that drinking wine right before bed can help us lose weight. Yes, we're jumping for joy over here, too.

Move over hot tea, or even warm milk. A study from Washington State University says that not only will our beloved wine help to calm and relax our stressed out mom brains at the end of the day, but also play a key role in our weight loss goals, too.

According to the study, having a glass of red wine before bed can help your body fight off “bad fat” while you sleep. Yes. This is not a drill. The study indicates that resveratrol, which is found in red wine, helps convert “white fat” to “beige fat,” which, is easier to burn off. We're digging these findings so far.

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And there's even more. When it comes to weight loss, we're always hearing that we shouldn't be eating anything after 9 pm, right? Well, drinking a glass of red wine in the evening can help with that, too. Apparently, drinking that glass of Bordeaux helps people avoid eating unhealthy foods in the evening - especially the kinds that won't burn off while we sleep. So this is pretty much a win/win situation here.

Of course, these findings don't come without warning. Doctors urge people to keep in mind that just because we're now being told that red wine helps with weight loss, that it also doesn't mean to start drinking it in excess. Too much alcohol can have negative effects on the body. Keep in mind that resveratrol can also be found in this like berries and grapes, so having those in the evening can have similar effects on your body. 

However, no more feeling guilty about a glass of wine before bed is a good thing.

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