Donate Old & Dried-Out Markers To Crayola's Free Recycling Program


It's almost back to school time, yay! One of the arguably most popular supplies parents will be buying are markers. They're a universal art project staple; kids can use them to write and color, and it seems that there are constantly new colors (and scents!) coming out. One of the biggest downsides to markers though is that kids are often careless with them. How many time have we had to remind our kids to put the caps back on tightly so the marker doesn't dry out, only to have our kids complain that the markers have dried out? Too many frankly. And what do we do with all of those dried out markers? One Hawaiian mom has offered us a great solution that is also environmentally friendly.

15 pounds of dead markers that will not end up in Maui’s landfill or ocean. Did you know that Crayola has a program...

Posted by Hali McCloud on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In a now viral Facebook post, mom Hali McCloud explains that Crayola has a program for recycling all dried up old markers so we're not just throwing them in the garbage. ColorCycle, Crayola's marker recycling initiative, is currently only available to schools, but it is incredibly easy to set up. Per their website, an adult has to be the contact person, they suggest your school's PTA/PTO or the school's principal, but if your school has an art teacher, they may be a great option too. Through the program, families can drop off their dried out, used markers, then the point person prints out a shipping label and then FedEx comes to pick up the box.

As of right now, the program only offers free shipping in the continental United States and specific parts of Canada, but it would surely be worth paying shipping to make sure that these markers are being properly handled and recycled if you live outside of those areas. And any school with grades K through 12 is eligible to participate. There is no excuse not to. We all know that plastic recycling is a huge talking point right now, and this one surefire way to be contributing to the solution. And what's better? Crayola will take any plastic encased marker, not just their own brand. This includes dry erase markers and highlighters.

This would be a great idea to start the school year, families can drop off all the markers they used up over the summer and start fresh. Plus our kids will learn another way to help keep the Earth clean!

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