Mom's Funny Cartoons Capture Life With Kids Perfectly

Motherhood is one of those things that's the same yet incredibly different for every mom. We all have the same basic job functions, right? Love our kids, feed them, nurture them. Keep them alive, basically, and raise them to be kind, caring people. However, as much as we all have in common, it can feel like every one of our experiences is so different! And that feeling of being different can make us feel like we're not part of this motherhood community.

And as we all know, feeling like a part of a community can be so helpful in terms of feeling supported on this journey. We focus so much on how we're all different, and not enough on how we're the same. So when we come across that something that unites us as moms, it's so refreshing! We don't have much in common with Dr. Grace Farris outside of motherhood, but her funny cartoons about being a mom really spoke to us. And we think you'll connect with them, too!

Dr. Farris is the chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Mount Sinai West in New York City. But that's just her day job! She's also the mother of two boys, and an incredibly talented cartoonist. When she was in college, Dr. Farris would complete a daily comic, but now she draws after her boys have gone to bed.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, she says it helps her wind down after a busy day, and she routinely draws about what happened during the day. Her cartoons also help her capture the little things that photographs can't, like things her sons say or emotions she felt after a particular event.

Dr. Farris used to draw by hand on cardstock but now uses an iPad and Apple pencil to create her funny cartoons. She tends to focus on topics that are important to her, like feminism, medicine, and of course, her family. Longer medical cartoons are something she has plans for, and she would love to publish a book of her cartoons one day. You can see more of Dr. Farris's cartoons on her Instagram page, Coupdegracefarris. We seriously love these!

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