Mom Gave Birth To Baby, Less Than A Month Later Gave Birth Again, To Twins

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When it comes to pregnancy or labor and delivery, as much as prepare for it, there are bound to be a few surprises along the way. Plans change, things go wrong or end up going a different direction for a variety of reasons. Birth plans can change at the last minute, babies come earlier or later than expected, there's so much that's up in the air! But if there's one thing we can agree should be pretty straight-forward, it's that once you've delivered your baby, that's it! You're done! There should be no more surprises after that, at least as far as childbirth goes. But one young woman in Bangladesh got the surprise of her life after she gave birth to her son. As it turns out, her labor and delivery story was far from over. Shockingly, she ended up back at the hospital a month later to delivery a set of twins!

This story is so full of twists and turns.

20-year-old Arifa Sultana went to the hospital in late February to deliver her baby boy. It was a normal delivery, according to doctors, and mom and baby were doing well and were sent home. But just 26 days after giving birth to her son, Arifa began suffering from severe abdominal pains. She was taken to a different hospital than the one she delivered previously, and that's when doctors made the mind-blowing discovery: Arifa was still pregnant, WITH TWINS. 26 days after becoming a mom, her water broke again and she welcome two more babies into the world. What. Even.

As it turns out, Arifa has an incredibly rare congenital condition called uterus didelphys, or double uterus. As Arifa's uterus developed, instead of the tubes fusing together, they split off and formed two separate, functioning uteri. So when she got pregnant, she got pregnant ... twice! Amazingly, no one realized she had another uterus or that the second uterus was also housing some babies. Which seems odd, and like a pretty big oversight. Arifa had no idea she had another uterus, let alone that she was still pregnant with twins after delivering her son. Doctors delivered the twins, and mom and all three babies are healthy and doing well.

We're sure it was a shock to Arifa and her family, but we're so glad the story had a happy ending!

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