The Live-Action Dora The Explorer Movie Looks Incredible

Dora the Explorer appears on the big screen and parents will actually want to watch the whole thing. In the trailer for the live action movie, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Dora seems pretty kick ass and we can’t wait to take our kids to see it late this summer.

It’s hard to imagine the cartoon our kids love watching (over and over and over) could be made into an entertaining and action packed big screen movie. However, after watching the trailer, it appears to be all of that and more. Some aspects from the show carry over into the movie, from Dora's recognizable hairstyle to her trusty sidekick, Boots. That being said, we can't help but wonder where his boots are!

Isabele Moner, who plays Dora, was excited to be a part of the project especially since she grew up watching the Nickelodeon series. Moner told MovieWeb that she is proud to be representing a strong Latina character, “I think we need more Latina heroines in this industry. Marvel hasn't done it yet.”

Also appearing in the movie are Eva Longoria and Michael Pena who play Dora’s parents. The voice of boots belongs to Danny Trejo.

When Dora’s archaeologist parents go looking for a lost Incan civilization, Dora must leave the jungle to stay in the city with her family; including, you guessed it, her cousin Diego.

High school is an adjustment, and we can all relate to the scene where Dora gets awkwardly tangled up in the school bus door. Plus, we imagine blending in is pretty tricky when carrying around a backpack loaded with items from the jungle. However, there isn’t much time for Dora to play it cool. On a school field trip, criminals kidnap her and her friends in an attempt to find her parents as well as the Lost City of Gold and adventure ensues.

What looks be a funny, high action movie featuring a strong female star, we definitely think Dora and the Lost City of Gold should be added to your must see movies of the summer. Now, go and mark your calendars for August 2…Vamanos!

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