Parents Are Putting 'Don't Touch My Baby!' Signs On Their Baby's Car Seats

One of the biggest drawbacks to fall and the change in the weather is the amount of sickness that develops. Once that first chill hits, it feels like someone is always sick until the weather warms again. And it's always hard to tell if it's a new cold, or if you just keep passing the same germs around over and over again. This is only exacerbated when you have school aged children; kindergarten is like a cesspool of germs. These germs are especially scary for moms with babies, the littlest of whom can't always fight them off. So, some moms have taken to hanging "don't touch" signs on their babies car seats to discourage potential germs.

Even the healthiest of babies doesn't always have the immune system to battle an illness. While there are already a variety of signs, the basic gist is that adult germs are too much for a little body. We adults know how miserable we can be when we have something as simple as the common cold; now imagine what it would feel like if you're just a little baby. They can't breathe because they're literally full of mucus, and then as a result they're super fussy, leaving mom super cranky.

Thoughts? Would you put this on your baby's car seat?

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Sunday, April 22, 2018

And that's just the babies who are actually already very healthy. For moms of babies who have compromised immune systems, cold and flu season can be incredibly scary. For a baby who is already sick, something as simple as a cold can be almost deadly. They're just not capable of fighting off infections the same way. And they deserve a chance to you know, not die.

The most astounding part of all of this is not the signs though, it's the need for them. A mother shouldn't have to hang a sign for someone (more often than not a stranger) for know that they shouldn't be touching a baby. Some may argue that this is making babies extra sensitive or compromising their immune systems, but that's a really narrow way of looking at this.

Cold and flu season can be deadly for adults who have far more developed immune systems. So naturally, it's going to be more dangerous for little babies who's bodies can't fend off the same germs. Maybe we should just agree not to touch any babies without asking and washing our hands.

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