Don’t Put Your Christmas Decorations Up Before Veteran's Day

It seems like every year people are getting into the Christmas spirit earlier and earlier. For some, once the Halloween candy is passed out, it’s time to start putting up the Christmas decorations. For others, there are other holidays that should be honored first before putting up the tree.

In Canada and the US, Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day falls on November 11, therefore, many choose to hold off on the Christmas cheer before celebrating this solemn holiday when our fallen are honored. Yet it’s not only people’s innate excitement over the holidays that drives many to put up their decorations early. As consumers, we’re bombarded on television and in stores with Christmas ornaments and carols soon after November starts.

Yet many, especially on social media, are asking people to hold off on the tinsel and tree lighting until after November 11, when Remembrance or Veteran’s Day has come and gone. "Maybe put up red and white light [sic] so we can think of Canada and our veterans before the Christmas season. Once it’s Christmas, then we think Christmas with red and white," said Jim Magnan, vice president of a legion branch in Alberta, to CTV News.

Magnan says he’s not offended; he simply wants to observe Remembrance Day first. He’s not the only one. On November 1, many took to Twitter to remind others about the significance of Remembrance Day and how it shouldn’t be overshadowed by Christmas, which is still more than a month and a half away. One person tweeted, "Everyone switches straight to Christmas brain after Halloween. Remembrance Day comes first."

In response to Christmas already trending in Canada, another person tweeted, "We're honouring those who gave their lives for us to be here right now, the least you can do is wait 12 days. It's not even 2 weeks. Show some respect."

Still, for many, war has become a foreign concept with veterans relegated to brief mentions on the nightly news. Others don’t consider it a sign of disrespect to begin acknowledging the coming holidays, while still honoring our fallen soldiers. “I can still remember people on Remembrance Day and decorate for Christmas! 🥰,” one Twitter user wrote.

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Regardless of your personal views, there is no denying that Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year. Yet, there are some places where tradition remains. In New York City, the iconic Christmas window displays at major department stores go up shortly after Thanksgiving at the end of November, and the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center, which has been celebrated since 1933, takes place the last week of November or the first week of December, depending on the year. So perhaps, it’s not a bad idea to hold off on the holiday cheer and make it all the more exciting by patiently waiting until a few weeks before Santa arrives.

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