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Chances are if you've got kids who are gamers or you like to game yourself, you have a lot of old video games lying around. Most popular video games release a new version every year, as do most popular video game consoles. Which means that lots of us have older versions of popular games lying around the house that no one plays any longer because they have the newer version.

If you've ever gone to your local gaming store to trade in your old games you may also be a bit disappointed at how little you may often get for that trade in, which is why some people are now donating their old video games to their local library instead of trading them in.

A Reddit user by the name of u/digital_russ recently shared a post explaining that they opted to donate his older XBox One games instead of taking a low offer at a gaming store on trade in.

"Sick of GameStop’s ridiculous trade-in offers, I decided to donate these to my local library instead. Best $30 I never got," he wrote, which prompted many other Redditors to chime in.

"You can donate games to the local library???" wrote one user. "Seriously I didn’t know! I got $5 for GTA V.." wrote another.

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Most users were surprised to learn they could actually donate old games to their local libraries (best to check first with your local library to ensure they do indeed accept them as donations.) Many couldn't help but feel they'd rather do something good and donate their old games so others could play than to get a fraction of what they paid back in trade in value.

"Dude, this would be so much better than GameStop. I know where my games will go from now on. Better to get a couple of bucks and help a library than to get a penny and help a big company," wrote another commentor.

Just like donating the old gently used toys your kids are done using, there are a variety of places you can donate your old video games. Lifehacker suggests contacting your local children's hospitals and family shelters to see if they accept donations of games. They also listed three different charitable organizations that distribute gently used games to people with disabilities and to children's hospitals including AbleGamers, Gamers Outreach, and Charity Nerds.

If your kids' old games are cluttering up your basement and you want other kids to be able to enjoy them as much as yours did, consider donating your gently used games to your local library.

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