DoggieLawn Is A Litter Box For Dogs

doggie lawn

Having a dog is great. It's a guarantee that someone will always be happy to see you when you get home. And lots of love. But, having to walk them and pick up their poop is kind of a bummer honestly. However, if you work all day or night and can't take them out for long stretches of time, they probably need to go in the house. Training them to go on pee pads can be a challenge, and then it's totally gross to clean up. But now, you can buy DoggieLawn, which is real grass you can leave in the house for your doggo to go on.

DoggieLawn is a subscription service where you can choose the frequency of when you get fresh grass delivered. The grass patches come in several sizes which you can choose from based on your dog's age and size. You can also mix and match your sizes to best serve you and your pup's needs. Once you choose your patch size, then you can choose the frequency of delivery. The site recommends weekly for puppies and senior dogs who tend to go more often. For adult dogs, a bi-weekly delivery is probably best, unless you have multiple dogs who are using the grass.

Using DoggieLawn seems to be very easy. Every delivery comes with a new set of gloves to pick up the old grass. All you have to do is roll it up and dispose of it then roll out the new grass. You do need to pick up solid waste daily, but you don't have to worry about liquid waste. The grass fits into a tray, which you can either purchase from them or on your own. There are also tutorials on their website to show you how to use the product properly!

And the best part is the grass itself is pretty easy to care for. You only need to water it occasionally, and if it dies, your dog can still use it. Dogs will go just about anywhere honestly.

Once you pick your plan, which ranges in price starting at $26, you're all set. You will automatically be charged and you can cancel at any time. Shipping is included, and your first DoggieLawn ships within two weeks of setting up your account. Honestly, it will be a lifesaver for people who can't walk their dogs often or live in places where they don't have a backyard.

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