Mom Bribes Baby To Say ‘Mama,’ But Surprised When Dog Says ‘Mama’ First

Seeing our babies hit their milestones is huge for parents. After all, we put a ton of work into these little critters, so every achievement is made all the sweeter. One of the biggest firsts in a child's development is their first word. Moms and dads often battle it out, trying to persuade their little ones to say their names first. One Utah mom has been left red-faced after trying to get her son to say "mama", by rewarding him with a delicious snack. What she got was a little different...but equally amazing.

The mom uploaded a clip of her nine-month-old standing up alongside the family dog, Patch. Throughout the clip, Andrea tries to get her son to repeat the word "mama". While Sam isn't quite there yet, the dog has his technique down, proving that canines really will do anything for food. In a tone that sounds surprisingly human, the pup howls out "mama" a few times, like the good boy he is!

What persuaded Patch to sound-off? It probably had something to do with the forkful of deliciousness in Andrea's hand, but he never got the reward. Baby Sam patted his BFF on the head, but Patch didn't get a look in when it came to the sweet human food hovering in front of him. With skills like that, it won't be long before Patch will be on America's Got Talent.

Canines with abilities are often seen on talent shows. One pup even won the British version of the series a few years back, so maybe Andrea needs to start setting the wheels in motion. Today it's YouTube stardom, tomorrow it could be worldwide recognition and a seat next to Simon Cowell or Mel B. Who doesn't want a piece of that action?

Word's still out on if Sam eventually did say mama, but he's certainly got the best person there to teach him. After hearing Patch howl it constantly, it's only natural Sam would want to copy his four-legged friend. If he can do it, so can Sam.

Animals and babies - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

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