Dog Owners Photograph Their Pets More Than Their Partners

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If you’ve ever taken a good look at your Instagram feed and have realized that you have more photos of your dog than your partner, there’s a good reason for it. And no, it’s not because your Jack Russell just happens to be a little more photogenic.

There’s a good chance that your furry four-legged friend will happily pose for a photo more than your partner, who might have just woken up, albeit grumpily, or is in no mood for that selfie you’ve been wanting to take to update your Facebook page with. Dogs, in comparison, are more likely to pose for photos at anytime because they love all the attention they can get, while your partner might simply be just sick of it.

taking photo of dog
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A new study from Rover.com says that 65 percent of dog owners admit that they prefer to take photos of their dogs more than their romantic partners. An additional 29 percent have also admitted that they share more photos of their pet than their partners on their social media accounts.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean that they love one more than the other, but simply because their dogs are just a little more cooperative when it comes to getting that all important shot near the lake during a perfect sunset.

Rover.com surveyed thousands of adult dog owners and have found that many pet owners are having more modern relationships with their dogs and cats now than ever before. In addition, 25 percent of respondents have admitted to bringing their pet as a wingman on a first day. Another 78 percent say they have brought their fur children on special family occasions like a wedding or a vacation or have added them to their holiday card photo-ops.

And yes, over 56 percent say that they have thrown their dogs a birthday party, complete with a birthday cake and presents, while another 47 percent agree that it would be easier for them to leave their significant other for a week than their pet.

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