10 Dog Moms You Should Be Following On Instagram

The beauty of Instagram is that we're able to follow anyone (and anything) that we want. If there's a celebrity we admire, we follow 'em. If there's an author we can't wait to hear more from, we follow 'em. Even better, if there's a doggo that we can't get enough of, we can follow them, too! Some dog accounts on Instagram are even better than human accounts. Seeing those floppy ears and those wet noses are enough to get us through the workday.

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But what about the humans behind the dog accounts? Who are their "momagers" and what led them to create an account solely on their pet? For these 10 Instagram dog moms, they focus on showing off not only their own life but their doggo's life as well. We can practically feel the love oozing out of every photo. So if you have Instagram, give these dog moms some love!


Jen and her partner Dave have a gorgeous Instagram account dedicated to their outdoor travels with their two dogs: Laila and Riia. These two beauties follow their mom and dad on every outdoor adventure, getting to soak up as many natural sites as their parents.

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Known as the Long Haul Trekkers, Jen and Dave even have a blog about their activities and everything to note of when traveling with a dog (camping, biking, flying, etc...). Their purpose for blogging is that owning a dog shouldn't slow you down; in fact, their natural need for adventure should inspire you.


Megan Rose calls herself the NYC Dog Mom and we can see why. With three beautiful pups, she sure does have her hands full. With over 10,000 followers, Megan shows us what life is like for her and her three dogs: Pharell, Rosie, and Rumba.

Having two border collies and a Dominican, Megan runs their account along with another fun account: @gals.best.friend, showcasing women and their BFF doggos.


Bridget loves many things but Leo the Frenchie may be her favorite. She has close to 20,000 followers on Instagram and loves to show off her style, lifestyle, and most importantly, her best buddy Leo.

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What's even more impressive is Leo has more followers than Bridget! He brings in over 107,000 followers and loves to live the city life with his parents. And just in case it shows his character, he was named after Leo DiCaprio. He and Bridget are a fun follow, that's for sure.


Look at this adorable family! Tori Mistick is the dog mom to two chocolate labradors: Lucy and Bert. Both pups are seven years old and help Tori in numerous ways, which really tears at our heartstrings.

Lucy is a therapy dog and Burt is a rescue who brings Tori so much joy. She loves to photograph their moments together and tell her followers about her day with her two pups. As a "lifestyle expert," we can definitely see that adding two labs to our homes will make us much happier!


"Honey, I dressed the pug" is a genius Instagram account name and theme. Known as "M," she shows off her lifestyle with her pug Ari. The pair live in New York City with M dressing she and Mr. Ari in style for the elements.

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Like many moms who dress in outfits that match their kids, M dresses Ari to match her. From sweaters to t-shirts to leashes, Ari is a style icon in New York. Step aside New York Fashion Week models, Ari and M are here!


Just look at these breathtaking dogs. Known on Instagram as "The law and the paw," this account shows a DC Law student living her best life with her husky Monte. Monte is also a therapy dog so he gets to go with her everywhere!

As a recent student attorney, Monte has helped her get to where she needs to be. As she notes on Instagram, Monte is the best "co-counsel and teammate" she could have. Give this dog mom a follow to see her progression in the law (and to marvel at Monte!).


Leslie Mosier may be the most popular dog mom on this list. Her dog-son is none other than Doug the Pug. Doug the Pug is quite popular due to Leslie dressing him and starring him in short videos.

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But what about the momager behind Doug? Doug may have three million followers but Leslie has over 100,000! As a busy mom to a popular dog, Leslie goes on a lot of trips and meets some famous people (in incredible style). If you love good fashion and even more Doug pictures, give her a follow.


Everyone rest your eyes on Maxwell! His account is ran by his mama Angela who loves posting about their life in New York City. Angela appears to have a love for fashion and Maxwell seems to have picked up the knack as well.

She loves putting Maxwell in stripped shirts, vests to bare the NYC winters, and take him on stylish walks. Trust us, he's probably the most fashion-forward dog in New York.


Everyone lay your eyes on Starsky the golden retriever and his mom known as The Dog Momager. Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, The Dog Momager loves to take Starsky on walks, swims, and adventures

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With over 17,000 followers on Instagram, Starsky has her beat with over 85,000! With a gorgeous golden coat, Starsky is easy on the eyes and loves being the star of the show with his beautiful momager by his side.


Is there anything more stunning than a beautiful husky enjoying the countryside? This is Marte and she loves to explore the great outdoors with her huskies. What's even cuter are her photos of her adorable pups tuckered out, napping in the forest.

Her dogs seem so lovable and her lifestyle seems so peaceful. Her account is definitely one we shouldn't sleep on.

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