10 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Being Around Babies

Dog's really are a man's best friend, as well as a woman's, teenager's, child's, and, you guessed it, babies. Yes, dog's are the best when it comes to protecting your little ones, as well as offering them their first real experience of true friendship. In fact, most dogs are capable of forming relationships with young children, and usually respond extremely pawsitively—get it? Sadly, there are some dogs that aren't too great with babies, but thankfully it's really only a select few breeds. So, let's take a look at 10 dog breeds that are perfect for being around babies.

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10 Collie

Everybody loves a collie, so much so that the breed often appears in books, tv shows, and films—Lassie, anyone? Collies are also extremely excitable and are known for being incredibly child-friendly, especially with newborns. In fact, Collie's are often nicknamed, "caregivers" due to their affectionate personality and act as a form of comfort to a young child. Collies can also become attached to their owners, an attachment that is then passed down to their owner's children. Plus, collies are known for their adaptability, and respond well to new rules and regulations, like a newborn or a second child.

9 Labrador

Labradors often pop up on most favorite dog lists and are extremely popular all over the world. The dog is also one of the best family dogs in the world and has no trouble hanging around babies, young children, teenagers, or adults. In fact, the more the merrier with the Labrador, as they enjoy big families and lots of attention. The breed is also very compassionate and can comfort young children with learning difficulties or autism. Plus, the Labrador is very smart and is the number one working dog with things such as guiding for blind and those who are physically impaired.

8 Beagle

Beagles are not only cute, but they are also loyal, kind, and extremely happy. Yes, Beagles always have a smile on their face, or at least what looks like a smile anyway. In fact, the Beagle is often voted as the number one best dog breed for households with lots of children, as they respond well to noise. They also like older children too—score! And, just to make things that bit better, they are also incredibly smart and are noted for their amazing sense of smell. A dog that is intelligent and beautiful to look at, what more could you want?

7 French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are popular with everyone at the moment, but did you know that they make really great companions for young children? That's right, French Bulldogs can be very protective, a rather unusual trait for a small dog. Plus, they are also incredibly patient and can withstand loud noises and wayward touching. In fact, the breed is a guard dog by nature, therefore guarding and protecting comes very easy to them. They are also very loving and tend to stay near to their owners and their owner's babies. You know, just in case you need them in a time of danger.

6 Boxer

Forget about the name; Boxers are unlike sporting boxers, and would rather cuddle than punch someone. Yes, Boxers are the gentlest of souls and not aggressive in the slightest. In fact, Boxers are great with children, mostly due to their energetic personality and playfulness. And for newborns? Boxers tend to guard babies in case of danger and can be very protective. Overall, Boxers tend to get very attached to their family and go great lengths in order to serve them. Plus, they are great with other dogs too, and rarely bark or shout at passing animals. What's not to like?

5 Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel comes in a number of different shapes and sizes, all of them extremely adorable. The dog is known for having friends in high places and often features among the Royal household in the UK. In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton are a big fan of the dog and currently own a black Spaniel named Ludo. Prince William and Kate Middleton also have three children, therefore it seems clear that the Cocker Spaniel is a perfect choice for a growing family. If it's okay for the future king of England, then it should be more than ok for every other family in the world.

4 Newfoundland


The bigger the dog, the better the dog! Newfoundlands might look intimidating, but inside they are the biggest softies in the whole wide world. It is easy to think twice about putting your baby in front of one, or even near one, but Newfoundlands have a reputation for loving young children and doing their best to protect them. In fact, the dogs are friendly with most people and are more of a gentle giant than a big burly beast. Yes, as soon as you invite a Newfoundland into your home, you'll have a best friend and protector for as long as they are able to offer it to you.

3 German Shepherd

German Shepherds are mostly known for their intelligence as well as their work with law enforcement. That's right, the breed usually works within the police force and can be great at helping the public with catching pesky thieves. However, they are also very good with young babies, especially due to their instinctive protective nature. German Shepherds like to guard, therefore they will do their very best to stop anything bad from going near your newborn. Furthermore, they can also sense danger, so if something is wrong with your baby, you will be the first to know about it.

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2 Golden Retriever

Got a large brood? Get a Golden Retriever! Much like their cousins the Labrador, Golden Retrievers are great family dogs and enjoy being around a multitude of people. In fact, for Golden Retrievers, a larger family means more attention, so the bigger the family the better the petting. The dogs are also great with youngsters and can just about put up with anything due to their large size. That's right, from tail tugging to fur scratching, the Golden Retriever is incredibly patient and can deal with young kids far better than a smaller dog could. Yes, they really are one of the best dogs on the planet.

1 Poodle

Poodles have a reputation for being rather feisty and can often have mood swings and bad days. However, with young children, this is simply not the case, with the Poodle famous for being super protective and affectionate to babies. Yes, Poodles make great family dogs and get along great with newborn babies and toddlers. Poodles are also very intelligent, therefore they know that if they are nice to the baby, their owner might repay the favor in treats. The breed can also be trained very well, which is great for a change in the environment and new rules that might disrupt the dog's normal habits.

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