This DIY Turkey Windsock Is The Perfect Decor For Thanksgiving


Holiday themed crafts are always a fun and creative way to spend time with your kids. Not only does it get them away from any electronic devices, parents are often amazed at the wonderful things their kids can create when left alone with some craft supplies and basic instructions.

Crafting is always fun, but it's even more enjoyable when it has a theme. With Thanksgiving right around the corner what better way to keep the kids occupied than to let them explore their artistic side and create this adorable DIY turkey windsock!

Thanksgiving & Co has created a quick video to show you just how easy it is for your kids to create the perfect holiday decor this Thanksgiving season, and you probably already have most of the items you need in your craft drawer already.

To create this super cute turkey windsock you'll need a cardboard roll like an empty toilet paper roll or perhaps an empty wrapping paper roll, some brown washable crafting paint, feathers, construction paper or ribbon, foam, googly eyes and a glue gun.

Take your cardboard roll and paint it with your brown paint so it's the color of a turkey. Next glue the feathers to the inside of the roll before cutting and gluing a piece of ribbon to use as a handle.

Credit: YouTube / Thanksgiving & Co

You can then take your ribbon or leftover strips of construction paper and glue them to the inside of the bottom of the tube, before gluing the googly eyes on the cardboard roll. Foam can be cut out to make the turkey nose, while a pipe cleaner can be rolled up and used for the mouth.

Credit: YouTube / Thanksgiving & Co

Not only is this an easy and fun craft, but inexpensive and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Your kids will love to create their own crafts that you can display around the house on Thanksgiving, and they can even invite their friends over to make craft with them. Check out Thanksgiving & Co's DIY video below to see just how easy this craft is.

If you want to take your turkey windsock crafting game up a notch, Heidi who writes the blog Happiness is Homemade has a different way to make these cute crafts that look just as adorable. Instead of using a cardboard roll for the turkey body, Heidi suggests using a recycled tin can with the top and bottom removed.

She also has used markers to draw on the turkey nose and cut out felt for the mouth, giving you a wide variety of ways you can truly take this fun, DIY craft and personalize it to use the craft supplies you have on hand.

The holidays can be busy and stressful so why not keep the kids occupied with these fun and creative windsock crafts. Not only will you keep the kids busy but you'll also have lots of fun and festive decor for your home for the holidays.

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