10 DIY Holiday Decorations You Can Make With Your Kids

When the holiday season rolls around, an excellent way that parents can spend some extra time with their kids and a great way to bond with them, even more, would be to create some of their own holiday decorations.

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There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to DIY holiday decorations. And everything is usually pretty versatile so that parents can use some of the same ideas for each and every holiday that comes around. So just because something says it’s a Halloween decoration idea doesn’t mean that you can’t try out the same idea for a different holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Continue reading to see 10 different DIY holiday decorations that parents can make with their kids.

10 Spooktacular Suncatchers

Suncatchers make for a very simple, easy, and cheap DIY holiday decoration. Most craft stores sell the kits that come with the unpainted suncatcher, special paint, and a brush or stick that you can utilize to put the paint onto the suncatcher.

Craft stores usually sell them for every holiday that comes around. So, just because Halloween might be around the corner doesn’t mean that you can’t use suncatchers for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Keep checking and you'll be sure to find holiday-appropriate kits.

9 Painted Wooden Decorations

Many craft stores sell wooden cutouts that a parent can purchase to paint in order to make all kinds of different DIY holiday decorations that would be perfect to make with the little ones.

Usually, at a minimum, you only need to purchase the cutout, paint, and paintbrushes. But for these kinds of decorations, parents can also use different types of materials from stencils to stickers in order to add more flair to the decorations.

These wooden cutouts are perfect for any holiday and you can find them for around $5 some of the time when you catch sales.

8 Spooky Mason Jars

You can purchase clear or colored mason jars and turn them into the perfect DIY holiday decorations. For this example, we will be talking about making spooky mason jars for Halloween. However, you can get creative and make different ones for any holiday.

You can paint the mason jar and turn it into a pumpkin face, a skull, or even an adorable mummy. To make the mummy, you can wrap the jar in some medical gauze and glue it on there and then you can also glue on or paint some eyes.

If you're going to glue the eyes on and the gauze, you can use the chocolate eyeballs that they sell around Halloween time and use a hot glue gun to make stick them on. Only parents and children who are old enough should handle the hot glue gun for safety reasons.

7 Paint Your Own Ceramic Decorations

Unpainted ceramic or even plastic holiday decorations would make for a great DIY decoration. If your child is old enough to use paint, he or she can partake in this activity.

All you have to do is take the easy way out and purchase the unpainted ceramic and buy paint or use your own paint to add the color to these decorations.

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You can generally purchase these paintable decorations at any craft store. Sometimes dollar stores even sell the plastic mini ones that already come with some paint and a paintbrush. These are definitely fun and easy to make.

6 Color Your Own Thanksgiving Placemats Or Tablecloth

For younger kids, parents can utilize DIY colorable placemats or tablecloths that can be purchased from many different craft stores. All parents and children have to do to complete these projects would be to use fabric markers to color in the designs.

Some of these DIY items are made of fabric while others are made from a more paper-like material. It all depends on which ones you feel like getting for your children to make. The fabric ones generally last a little bit longer than the paper-like ones.

5 Holiday Candle Holder Jars

This next DIY craft holiday decoration is both fun and easy. Parents just have to purchase the glass candle holder jars and the paints or other materials that could be used to decorate the jars.

It would be best to use flameless candles in order to make the jars light up for safety reasons.

There are hundreds of different ways that parents and children can paint and decorate these candle holders; all it takes is some creativity and imagination. You can choose to decorate them for any holiday that you would like. For Halloween, you could choose to make pumpkins and for Christmas, you could make snowmen.

4 Holiday-Themed Flower Jars

This next DIY decoration idea can be used for any holiday, depending on how you choose to decorate it. All you have to do is take a jar or container and paint it with whichever holiday theme you choose. Then add some real or fake flowers or other decorations that you can place inside of the jar to make a holiday flower holder decoration.

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As an example, you can make a fall or Halloween pumpkin flower holder by painting the jar or container orange and adding a pumpkin-like face to it. Then, add some fall-colored flowers and arrange them however you and your children would like.

3 DIY Holiday Foam Kits

Many craft stores sell DIY foam kits to make all different kinds of holiday decorations. These kits generally come with all the different little foam pieces that you would need that can be glued together to make one awesome looking holiday decoration. The types of decorations that you can find vary by holiday and season when you purchase the kits from the craft store.

It is a great project for both parents and their children. Just keep in mind that these should usually be used by age-appropriate children to keep little kids from accidentally trying to swallow any of the little pieces.

If you prefer, you could always just buy holiday-themed foam pieces separately and make your own decorations with them by gluing them onto a larger foam-like sheet and then you can just skip on buying the actual kit.

2 Holiday Handprint Decorations/Keepsakes

A great DIY decoration idea that you can make with your children that can also double as a cherished keepsake, would be to purchase any handprint kit to decorate.

You can choose to decorate and paint them any way you would like to make them holiday-themed. It is the perfect DIY decoration idea for younger children so that you and your child can look back on just how tiny their hands were as the years go on.

This is the type of decoration that you would be able to display year after year. You can carve little sayings like “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” or even “Trick-or-Treat” along with your child’s name and possibly the year as well to make it more holiday-specific yet memorable. Then, you can use the typical holiday colors to decorate it even more. You can even draw in little pumpkins or Christmas trees. The possibilities are endless.

1 Edible Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses make for the perfect holiday decoration that also happens to be an edible treat.

The easiest way to make these houses with your children would be to purchase the kits that come with everything that you could possibly need. The good thing about them being edible is that if a child would try to eat the pieces it wouldn’t harm them. However, there is usually still an age restriction on these DIY gingerbread kits due to some of the pieces being tiny and it could still pose as a potential choking hazard. So, make sure to never leave young children unattended with the pieces.

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