Husband Wants To Divorce Wife For Getting Pregnant With Second Baby

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If you didn't think that the news was crazy enough these days, we've got the daily dose of obnoxious that you've been looking for. In a now completely publicized Reddit thread, an anonymous (thank goodness we guess?) dad shared that he resents his wife for getting pregnant again so much that he wants t divorce her. You know...as if he had nothing to do with it at all.

According to the father in question, he could tell right away after becoming a father the first time that it just wasn't his jam. He didn't like being a father because he felt like he wasn't good at it and we feel that - parenting is not easy at all.

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As the years went by, he felt like he was looking forward to spending more time with his wife now that their first child was older and excited to bond with the child and do more interesting things. Then his wife got pregnant again.

They did, however, make an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, but the day before he felt like his wife guilted him into canceling. She shared that she was worried about the physical and mental complications.

Now here they are, two years after the birth of their second child and this dad is still harboring so much resentment against his wife for this and loves his children more than her. He ended his post with, "Am I the *sshole for wanting to divorce my wife for the birth of our second child?"

As one might guess, most of the comments felt like he was, indeed, the bad guy in this situation.

Most people felt that he needs to step his game up with his family, move on and take ownership over the fact that if he truly, truly didn't want any more kids that he probably should have gotten a vasectomy. Pretty valid advice.

While opinions have been flying since the thread was first posted, even a few in his favor, the world may never know what choice this dad ends up making. We can only hope that he will do the right thing for everyone. One thing is for sure though: you can always count on Reddit for a little bit of controversy and a whole crew of people ready to weigh in at a moments notice.

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