Disneyland Is Getting Rid Of Their Chairs And Benches


When you think of Disneyland, it's hard to conjure up images of anything "free" that has to do with the beloved theme park. Not that the continuously rising price of park tickets is stopping legions of families from descending upon its gates. People love the Mouse House and if it takes a little more time to save up for admission, so be it.

But Disneyland fans may be in for a bit of a surprise the next time they visit the sprawling park in Anaheim, Calif. The powers that be have decided to ditch one of the very things that actually is "complimentary" on its property -- the benches.

After a long day of waiting in lines for coveted attractions and trekking from Tomorrowland to Mickey's Toon Town to Liberty Square, chances are your dogs are barking (and, yes, we do mean your feet). Finding a clear space on a bench to rest your weary body can look like an oasis in the desert. But now Disneyland is eliminating the benches for a pretty interesting reason.

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According to an article that ran in the OC Register, the benches are simply getting in the way of foot traffic as more and more people frequent the park. While they were once a simple respite for tired families, now it's believed they're clogging up the works along pathways.

This doesn't mean there won't be any place to cop a squat at Disneyland. While benches may become a thing of the past, execs are adding more chairs to restaurants, expanding some dining spaces from 30 to a whopping 100 seats. Of course, that implies you should probably order up a meal if you're going to occupy one of those chairs (or, at the very least, a churro), which puts more money in the pocket of the Mouse. But, hey, you're burning all of those calories on your feet all day, that burger and fries doesn't feel so guilty when you're logging 17,000 steps in an eight-hour visit.

The demise of the Disneyland benches comes after theme park officials noted the implementation of a "demand pricing" system for admission. Similar to Uber and Lyft, which up their service rates when it feels like everyone in your city is looking for a ride, Disneyland will charge more for tickets on dates when families really flock to the park in an attempt to curb overcrowding.

With a Star Wars land in the works, we're not sure how much those steeper prices will keep fans away on popular dates, but if anyone knows how to get into the minds of its clientele, it's Disney.

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