Disney Parks Has A Mom Panel That Know All The Top Secrets

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Being a mom has its perks. For a start, raising a child from day dot is a pretty incredible feat, but what if you could take everything you've learned over the years and direct it in a very specific direction? We're talking about the Disney Parks Mom Panel. If you didn't know there was such a thing, then join the club. It was news to us too. According to Buzzfeed, Disney picks 12 new moms annually to be on their coveted 40-person panel. While it's mainly moms that are in the running, dads and grandparents can also get a place...as long as their knowledge is up to scratch.

It's not as easy as applying and seeing if you're one of the lucky ones, though. Successful applicants have to have an unmatched knowledge of the parks and are required to answer 10-20 questions from Disney fans about visiting the parks each week. But, let's face it, it's no so bad when they're given a free holiday for their family for doing so. According to the moms, there's a few secret things that they've learned about the parks that us regular Joes might not be aware of.


One expert told Buzzfeed that all visitors should plan well-ahead when it comes to their visit. According to one of the moms, making a list of attractions you want to visit is a must, as is getting to the park at least an hour before it opens. That way, you make some head way while it's not super-busy and hopefully beat some of the horrendous lines.

There's very little that these moms don't know, from the cheapest way to keep the kids fed and watered (souvenir popcorn buckets can be refilled across the park for just $1.75 and ice water is free at any drink station), to how to shop with ease (apparently Walt Disney World hotels offer a free service where your shopping can get delivered back to your accommodation free of charge, so no lugging around that giant Mickey Mouse toy).

It might not be a paid position, but who wouldn't want it?

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