Disney World Is Raising The Price Of Some Tickets


Just when you thought that going to Walt Disney World couldn’t get anymore expensive, you might want to think again. That’s because there are new reports that say Disney World is raising the price of some of their tickets.

Even though it’s a slight adjustment to the already pricey tickets, it’s enough to worry and even upset some families. After all, many families from all across the nation save their money for years in order to afford their dream trip to the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s three other parks, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

Right now, a single-day ticket to the park costs between $102 and $129. Beginning October 16, customers booking theme park tickets to the parks in Orlando will see prices based on the dates they’re looking to visit rather than prices that vary by park, as has been the case in the past. Consumers have the option, for an additional fee, to purchase tickets that they can use at any point during the following year. Disney will allow modifications if consumers accidentally purchase tickets designated for a lower price.

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The move is meant to better distribute attendance throughout the year. But here’s the thing: a lot of Disney fans are confused about this new system and their interactive calendar. For guests, it will be hard to gauge how much more (or less) you’ll actually pay for a ticket in the future. And the confusion is only partially because Disney did not release precise ticket pricing information.

“Our new online vacation-planning destination offers several new tools designed to simplify the booking experience for guests and help them easily customize their visit based on their unique needs and interests,” Jacquee Wahler, a spokesperson for Walt Disney World Resort told the media in a statement. “As we continue to expand by adding world-class attractions and amazing entertainment, we also are introducing date-based tickets and pricing, which gives guests tailored choices and better allows us to spread attendance throughout the year to improve the guest experience.”

Currently, all of Walt Disney World’s parks have uniform single-day ticket pricing. So you’ll pay the same to visit the Magic Kingdom (now up to $129) as you will to visit Epcot or Hollywood Studios. Right now, a one-day adult admission generally costs $5 less at one of the latter parks compared to the Magic Kingdom. In other words, there will soon be price increases on single-day tickets to the non-Magic Kingdom parks.

Whether this new system will work, remains to be seen. Many critics argue that the new pricing calendars could help to reduce crowds, but not in the way Disney sees it. Instead of merely feeling better informed, consumers might experience more profound sticker shock when they get their final bill.

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