All The Movies From The Disney Vault Are Going Online

Two words that no Disney fan likes to hear: Disney Vault. That mysterious place where our favorite movies go, not to be seen again for years. When we were kids, we imagined it to be some faraway place with walls covered in gold, shelves lined with hundreds of thousands of copies of all our favorite Disney movies. It always sucked to learn that one of your favs was being sent to the vault - that meant if you didn't own a copy, you were out of luck until some Disney higher-ups decided to release for a limited time. Looking back, it was a brilliant marketing strategy, and we're sure Disney sold a ton of movies to people who were just afraid they wouldn't have the chance to buy it again for years. Very sneaky-smart, Disney!

Thankfully, it appears as though our own kids will never know the panic of hearing a movie is going into the vault. Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, will host every single Disney movie on the platform. So all those classics that have been sitting in the vault all these years? They're going to be at our fingertips. We are SO excited for this.

Every single movie Disney has made since 1920. YOU GUYS. We've been pumped for Disney+ since we first heard about it, but this has increased our excitement exponentially. It's sort of insane to imagine owning a copy of every single Disney movie. Who has that kind of storage space?!

But now, we can stream them, anytime, from anywhere. Want to watch Snow White? Do it. Feeling like you need a good cry? Bambi is RIGHT THERE for your cathartic needs. Want to rewatch the original Dumbo before the live-action version comes out? Queue it up! Let's remember also that Disney owns Marvel AND the Star Wars franchises. So we're not just talking about princesses and talking animals. The possibilities are endless and every single option leads to happiness.

So far, we don't have a release date for Disney+, but it's expected to hit sometime this year. We also don't have an idea of what the price structure will be, which is a little worrisome. But Disney has already announced a lot of original content, and with the addition of the Disney vault access, we honestly don't care how much it costs. Take our money, Disney, and release the movies!

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