The Disney Store Is Launching A Nostalgic ’90s Flashback Collection

disney 90s collection

If you're a 90s kid, chances are you were obsessed with Disney. And how could you not be? From the late 80s until the late 90s, Disney animated films experienced what is referred to as the Disney Renaissance. During that time, some of Disney's most memorable animated movies came out during this time. It's easy to think back to movies like Beauty and the BeastAladdin, etc. Well, Disney, in an effort to bring us back a little taste of our childhoods, has created a new line of 90s Disney inspired merchandise. They're so cute and vintage inspired.

"Inspired by the decade we love so much, this collection features denim jackets, clicky pens, VHS-inspired goodies, and so much more," Disney said in a press release about the line. And it certainly doesn't disappoint. Just the VHS inspired items alone are the perfect amount of nostalgia. You remember how much we loved getting those puffy VHS boxes that smelled like plastic and made a crackling sound. Makes us want to run out and find a VCR and go through our mom's attic.

The line is full of items featuring some of our most favorite 90s Disney movies. This includes Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules and A Goofy Movie. Of course, there are clothes, but the best parts of the line are all of the journals. Who wouldn't want to take notes in a notebook that looks like one of the previously mentioned VHS cases?

Here are just a few of our favorites from the line:

Beauty and the Beast ''VHS Case'' Clutch Bag $25

Seriously, how cute is this clutch? Perfect for a night out, and a definite conversation starter!


Hercules 2-Piece Mug Set $25

These are like the old school Happy Meal toy cups, and we love them. Instead how they'll hold coffee more often than they hold hot cocoa.


A Goofy Movie Lunch Box $16

Metal lunchboxes were cooler for holding things like our collectibles more than they were for holding lunch. This will look perfect on a shelf.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame 8-Color Ballpoint Pen $7

There weren't many things cooler in the 90s than one of these pens. One of the coolest things to do would be try and write a sentence will all the colors.


Of course, this is just a small taste of all the fun things they have. What are you most excited to buy?

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